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Man, you should explode



1. It’s Easy When You Don’t Know How
2. Cockfighter
3. I Don’t Think This Shit Can Last Much Longer
4. Rosalie
5. The White Lady
6. Words From Robin To Batman
7. When The Wolf Comes
8. Siam
9. Cool My Desire
10. Lucy-On-All-Fours


It’s a lucky city that can claim the Kill Devil Hills as their own. This five piece band has carved a nice little niche in the vibrant and rich music scene in Perth. The KDH have a very loyal and passionate following. This following is slowly growing as they continue to gig locally, tour nationally along with short term plans to go to Europe in 2010.

The KDH have been branded or categorised into many different genres that don’t necessarily fit, nor sit comfortably with the band. Many have labelled them dark county, blues, heavy, punk, swampy, folk and indie among countless others. But I think that’s simply trying to overcomplicate it. When you ask the KDH’s lead singer, Brendon Humphries, he’ll simplify this by calling the KDH a “Rock Band”. It’s not until it comes from the horse’s mouth that you sit back and realise that he’s correct. And the KDH are easily Perth’s slickest rock band.

The only other genre that they comfortably fit into is “Musicians.” The seasoned line up have been playing music either together, solo or with other bands for years. The KDH can be seen at small intermit pubs like Mojo’s in North Freo and large music venues, to sell out crowds at the Fly by Night. They play at bikie parties in the early hours, big festivals with big names and charity music events to support various organisations. And if the KDH aren’t either headlining or supporting while touring the country… you will see individual members playing in a number of side acts. These include the Floors, Abby May, Felicity Groom, The Auto Masters, and Driftwood Revival, to name a few. Their passion and commitment to produce quality recordings while consistently delivering a vicious live show, has never been in doubt.

The KDH have just released their third album “Man, You Should Explode”. Predictably, it was yet another ripper and worthy or rave reviews from across the country. Rolling Stone magazine gave them four out of five stars and stated that the KDH “have crafted a mature and near flawless record” Those who have known Perth’s best kept secret expected nothing less.

The band is fortunate enough to have three extremely capable singers and most members contribute to writing. This gives the band greater options and flexibility when thumping out some great tunes. “Man, You Should Explode” is just that… packed full of great thumping tunes. These options and flexibility created from the band’s diversity moves from slow and heavy methodical ballads to high energy rock that will literally get your blood pumping.

If you believe that there is more to music than what the crappy commercial radio stations spit out and force feed you… The Kill Devil Hills are a band for you… Raw, fresh and addictive.

The Kill Devil Hills have a website at and . They also have a facebook page and a few videos on youtube if you’re that way inclined. Their latest hard hitting video is “Cockfighter” so search for that and it will give you an idea of what you can expect on this album. If you search for “drinking too much” you’ll see what you’ve been missing out on for the last few years.

To purchase one of the best local CD’s produced this year paste the below link into your browser.

There is an autographed KDH poster up for grabs too for anyone who buys one. Simply email me on with your address and I’ll pick a lucky reader out of a hat.

I have been lucky enough to conduct an interview with Brendon Humphries and that will be up soon… Watch this space.

Kill Devil Hills. Man, You Should Explode


By Troy 'Matt' Dillon