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Released July 2009


Team Pussycat 2009 is a very different beast to the band that storm trooped the Sunset Strip in the late eighties leaving a trail of silk scarves, lipstick and aquanet, and only singer Taime Downe remains from the original sleaze-glam rockin’ band. Taime has rebuilt the band around his newer goth-industrial-sleaze leanings (Think Nine Inch Nails in a L.A. Guns suit playing a Wednesday 13 gig), and last album The Power & The Glory Hole was a considerably darker animal than the band’s 80’s offerings.


This being FP’s first full length live album, they balance things pretty much evenly – 6 songs from the old cock-rock days, 5 from the newer incarnation, and a bonus studio cover of The Stones’ It’s Only Rock And Roll, which is all throb and gristle (in a good way).


Some minor abrasions occur as the latex-tight band bounce back and forth between vintage and recent material – stylistically they are simply SO different, even though the older songs have been re-arranged a couple of steps gothier to gel more with the new material.


That’s not to say it’s like listening to a confused band (or worse, two different sounding bands) – everything here sounds like Faster Pussycat, from Taime’s screech, ex-Throbs man Danny Nordahl’s rumbling gothic bass lines, Chad Stewart’s driving drums, and Michael Thomas & Xristian Simon’s twin guitars – it’s more about the difference in song structure. Older FP songs were very lyrically driven and almost bouncy, whereas the more gothic new stuff is darker musically and lyrically – obviously being pitched to a slightly different audience.


It’s admirable of Taime to not just ignore the output of his former band, but it is pretty obviously the work of a very different band, and the contrast between the two is glaringly obvious on Front Row For The Donkey Show.


Classics like Bathroom Wall, Cathouse and House of Pain still sound fresh and bright, Where There’s A Whip There’s A Way and Slip Of The Tongue are delightfully dirty and the new band do a very good job of bringing them into line with the newer songs like The Power & The Glory Hole, Number 1 With A Bullet and Shut Up And Fuck. Porn Star is cheekily dedicated to L.A.’s finest, and live set closer Babylon remains infectiously fun even with its goth-sleaze makeover.


Just about every song is a sweat laden paen to fetishistic sex, and no-one delivers that better than the goth-attired Downe, purring and screeching his way through new and old songs as if his life depended on getting laid by the dirtiest girl(s) in the audience every night.


Front Row For The Donkey Show – apart from being the best album title I’ve heard for ages – is a wild, dark ride through Faster Pussycat’s history, and showcases both their archival and reborn sides well.