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Last Look at Eden

Yes Europe will always suffer from being associated with ‘that’ song; though I’m sure their bank balances will forgive them. In a way I suppose the money is what allows them to go out and make an album like this.

Since reforming Europe’s output has been superior, though to be honest I know few people who have any of their recent albums. I personally thought that ‘Secret Society’ was their best work to date, and this new album actually sounds better than that after only a couple of spins. The problem is that outside of Europe (no pun intended) rockers just won’t ‘do’ Europe; to them it’s all big poodle perms and parping synth riffs, and ballads like ‘Carrie’. The problem with that way of thinking is that it is rooted in the past and bears little relation to the present.

Europe has produced its finest album. They are heavier and harder louder and darker and honestly it’s OK to like them. After a listen to this you might even love them…

‘Last Look at Eden’ the title track draws the line in the sand and lets you know what to expect. You get it all here. Joey’s voice has aged well and seems to have an added depth that to be honest you didn’t get first time round, at times you get a whiff of Coverdale. John’s guitar is simply wonderful and the rest of the band gets to showcase what great musicians they are. You are immediately reminded of some of the greats: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Whitesnake spring immediately to mind. Europe has certainly aged well.

‘Gonna Get Ready’ the second track is almost as good. Already you get the feeling that this is really something special. ‘Catch That Plane’ the next song is bluesy and retro in feel probably my favourites track on the CD, you can’t imagine that Europe could do something this good, this refined: this is amazing.

‘New Love in Town’ reminds me of Thin Lizzy meets the Eagles, is a memorable ballad that you’ll keep coming back to (they don’t write them like they used to much these days). The next song ‘The Beast’ is the closest Europe come to heavy metal this time around and I like it. Hey these guys have range!

‘Mojito Girl’ is not the best song on the album and neither is ‘No Stone Unturned’ but that’s not to say they are bad songs just not up the exceptional quality of the rest of the stuff on display here.

‘Only Young Twice’ is another slab of good old fashioned rock just like it should be. Almost 70’s in feel with a refreshingly modern chorus that lifts it nicely. ‘U Devil U’ is full of sway and swagger and not half as camp as the title makes it sound and has a great solo. I can’t put my finger on who this sounds like and it will bug me until someone tells me (answers on a postcard)!

‘Run With the Angels’ is one of my favourites on the album. Here Europe almost become Whitesnake, apart from it’s better than today’s Whitesnake. A great song.
‘In My Time’ closes proceedings with an earthy guitar-led slow blues - beautiful

It will take a lot to dislodge this from near the top of my albums of the year list. Stunning!