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Danny Vaughn

The Road Less Travelled

Live albums these days are often seen as stop-gaps by artists who have no new product to put out or who are filling 'contractual obligations'. Sometimes they are of variable quality. Danny Vaughn himself has put out a few in various guises, but all of them have been a little different and added to his reputation as one of the leading voices in melodic rock.

'The Road Less Travelled' is a little different still, in that it draws not only on songs from his Tyketto and Vaughn repertoire, but also from some of the other projects he has been involved with.

The track-listing of the finished article is a veritable treasure trove of great songs spanning almost twenty years. Including gems from the 'Flesh and Blood' project and 'From the Inside' as well as the better known Tyketto and Vaughn material.

The album itself sees Danny and a live band treating the songs to a semi-acoustic makeover in front of a partisan crowd and it is in this forum that the songs shine all the brighter.

I have no idea how Danny writes his songs (I wish I'd asked that question when we interviewed him earlier in the month!), though I suspect the kernels are formed pretty much with acoustic in hand.

There's a burning honesty about this treatment of material and on the album it draws a little more out of the individual cuts for the listener.


1.) “Traveller”
2.) “Making Waves”
3.) “Soldiers & Sailors On Riverside”
4.) “Restless Blood”
5.) “Damn”
6.) “Jenny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”
7.) “Visions”
8.) “Nothing At All”
9.) “Lifted”
10.) “A Million Miles Of Road”
11.) “When You Walk Away”
12.) “Lay Your Body Down”

Whatever you think of Live albums, or acoustic albums; and I know there are a lot of people out there who aren't big fans of either; you should still give this release a chance.

The songs on offer showcase a remarkable career and some exceptional song-writing. Whilst not a 'greatest hits' as such the track listing includes a few gems from the various stages of Danny's career (though nothing from Waysted) there's also a cover thrown in for good measure (and I won't tell you who it's by, as it may prejudice you!).
the band on the night sound fantastic, Danny sounds at ease and his voice is superb- he adds so much more depth to some of these songs, even if you have the back catalogue you may well look at the electric versions in a new light.

The test of a goog live show is the audience and here you can tell there's love flowing both ways. Danny connects with the crowd and the crowd give it back, whilst the band nail every single track.

Highlights for me have to be the wonderful 'Jenny doesn't live here any more' my favourite track from the Flesh and Blood project and 'A Million miles of road'; but seriously it's all good. And unlike most live CDs I own this one has so far stayed on rotation. I just wish they'd filmed it - it must have been a helluva good night.

If you only buy one live CD this year this is the one.

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