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Danger Danger


Danger Danger has always been a guilty pleasure for me. I loved their first couple of CDs and even when their line up changed they still kept producing pretty decent output. To see almost the original band back together is great, but do they deliver?

The quick answer is yes they do. You get an album in Revolve that has that DD classic sound, something like a mature cross between Danger Danger and Screw It which has to be a good thing. Mr Poley’s voice is great, just like it was at Rocklahoma earlier in the year and the band are tight as a very tight thing indeed.

Revolve is unashamed dirty, hairy party rock. Not exactly fashionable, but great fun. There are the expected big choruses and catchy lyrics, but strangely little sexual innuendo (maybe Steel Panther stole it all?); so while the sound may be classic DD it’s more PGDD!

The album starts off strongly with “That’s What I’m Talking About” which could find a home on any DD album. It’s a great song and a great way to start the album, which really doesn’t let up as far as quality is concerned. Bruno Ravel (who also produced) and Steve West provide a formidable backline, whilst Rob Marcello, now in his sixth year with the band, provides some great licks.

“Ghost of Love” and “Killing Love” are probably two of my favourite tracks on the CD. But hold on, then comes “Hearts on the Highway” which is your typical all-hooks sing along DD song. It just makes you think of summer - great stuff! “Fugitive” is the big ballad that could be a huge hit if these guys weren’t just a bunch of unfashionable long-hairs and could get any airplay!

“Keep on Keeping On” keeps up the tempo it’s again a great sing-along summer song, top down, stereo up, girl by your side. It made me temporarily forget about the rain outside! Just when you think things can’t get much better “Rocket to Your Heart” hits.
Ted just lets rip, another great song, starting off with a gentle piano and almost U2-like bass line, before the melody comes crashing in. It’s a lighter song but it gets its hooks into you.

“F.U.$” is okay, and floats along nicely, but it’s not the strongest song on the album. “Beautiful Regret” is probably the odd man out, with its heavier riff, but we’re soon back to normality, great song, great chorus, modern twist. “Never Give Up” is another classic DD song, signature sound beautifully executed. “Dirty Mind” as a closer clinches it for me. Probably one of the best on the album, catchy, with the band flying in tight formation, it leaves you wanting more.

To be honest I was quite upset when this CD ended. It’s a great collection full of strong songs. Not the hardest or heaviest thing you’ll hear this year but one of the melodic rock releases of the year undoubtedly. DD 2009 delivers!