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Concert Review



20-July-2009      Center - Dallas, TX






Eat The Rich ++ Falling In Love ++ Rag Doll ++ Dream On ++ Walkin' The Dog ++ Janie's Got A Gun ++ Last Child ++ Combination ++ Stop Messin' Around ++ Love In An Elevator ++ Cryin' ++ Livin' On The Edge ++ Rattlesnake Shake (w/Billy Gibbons) ++ Walk This Way



Joe Perry Guitar Duel ++ Train Kept A Rollin'



I’m not sure about Dallas at all. I’m here for a couple of days just to see the Aerosmith show and staying in the Down-town area. We got there on Sunday and aside from millions of Mary Kay cosmetics conference-goers the part of the City we get to see is effectively closed! Hey I’m sure it’s a cool place really, I just wish I had more time to spend before shooting off to Cincinnati to catch up with friends and the Judas Priest/Whitesnake tour. 


The venue is right in the middle of the Fair Park complex not too far from the hotel. It’s only a few minutes in a cab. The venue itself must hold about 20,000 and is pretty packed, with this being ZZ Top’s home State, there are a good few here just for ZZ and the bearded ones put on a great show.


It’s been so long since I’ve seen Aerosmith I am as excited as a kid and even the most expensive beer in America (well the most I’ve ever paid) couldn’t dampen my excitement. I was just relieved that Aerosmith were here and that the date hadn’t been cancelled. I knew that Tom wouldn’t be there but in Dave Hull the boys have an excellent stand-in.     


So there we are, nice seats not too far back stage right the intro music is playing, the banner is flying and bang they start. I don’t normally get too animated at bigger concerts but I think I danced and grooved from start to finish through this one. The show itself is impressive, the lit panels that glide across the stage add a lot visually to the show and the lighting is great. It’s a slick well-presented tour. The band really does sound good too and aside from a bit of a lull in the crowd when Tyler rests during Perry’s ‘Combination’ and ‘Stop Messin' Around’ it’s pretty slick and well-paced.


The lightshow this tour was stunning




Mr Tyler may not be doing the back-flips these days and he may move a bit more slowly across the stage but he’s clearly still got it and when he’s up there he’s still Steven Tyler rock god and Perry is still coolness personified.


Joey Kramer seems to be having a great time even when Steven helps him out on the kit and Brad looks well again and plays up a storm. By the time Dusty Hill takes the stage for ‘Rattlesnake Shake’ it’s already a great night.


Joe Perry’s Guitar duel with his ‘Guitar Hero’ game persona is at least a little bit of a twist on the standard guitar solo (well maybe it is the first time) but it’s reasonably lame and ending with ‘Train’ is always a winner.


My only real complaint about the show and the tour in general is two-fold: the ticket prices are higher than most comparable tours this year passing through the States and especially in light of that 90 minutes is just not enough. No one has to go to bed that early…