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So much really great music has already hit the streets this year it’s hard to know where to look for you next quality fix. Here it is guys! Well maybe?

Cue the sirens…

Some albums start with a nice safe banker and draw you in, loose you in the middle then pack the end with a few more big numbers to get you back on your feet. This was obviously not the plan here, more like start off like you want to dominate the world and keep on going until it’s time to fall over…

Crashdiet have had their share of tragedy and three albums in and three singers later we get a feeling of where the band is at. I must admit that I was expecting a real nasty, raw edge to this album but it’s just not there. Like a lot of Swedish Sleaze bands in recent times this is a production heavy platter and while that works in some cases here I’m not sure if all that gloss was required. The album though is saved by the songs and live this one will certainly kick ass.

Don’t get me wrong Crashdiet are still one of the main contenders out there but I really thought that after the edge the last couple of albums had that they might not join the pack with the production makeover which has them sounding a little toned down on some tracks.

‘Armageddon’ gives us our first taste of Simon’s vocals and to be honest the guy can sing and in truth it’s a pretty strong Kiss-like opener. ‘So Alive’ gets the sing-along going but it is ‘Generation Wild’ that really licks it off for me, with its Crue-like edge and pace. Some may find tracks like ‘Rebel’ a bit clichéd but for me that is a banker, old school hair metal to take you back.

Closest we get to a ballad here is the heartfelt ‘Save Me’ which plugs the gap but isn’t quite what you feel they could have made it. ‘Chemical’ and ‘Bound to Fall’ are also worth mentioning – both great songs that are pretty different. ‘Chemical’ tries to be different you feel, and has an almost poppy edge despite its lyrical content. ‘Bound to Fall’ on the other hand treads the rockier ground, it’s a strangely straight rock sound but with lashings of Glam stylings in the chorus, and it works. I also like ‘Native Nature’ which sounds like an early Skid Row outtake that probably should have made that first album!

Best tracks on the album for me are certainly the brilliant 'Down With The Dust' which is as good as anything the band have put out – a real gem of a song that has you raising the firsts in the air. Its a little old school almost like a powerful Scorpions meets Skid Row. ‘Beautiful Pain’ the album closer couldn’t be more different but is also a really cool song, slow, intricate and wonderfully put-together it showcases the entire band and make you wonder what would happen if they put out more songs like this? And for once here the very clean production is perfectly suited to the song.

There are a couple of bonus tracks and to be honest you are missing out if you don’t get either ‘One of a Kind’ and/or ‘Fear Control’. The former you can probably see why it did make the cut in some regions as it’s a pretty much Crashdiet by numbers but a good enough song to make the cut. I never understood that bonus track business anyway really. ‘Fear Control’ however could be a Wig Wam or Poodles or HEAT outtake and at the very least is interesting.

This is certainly the cleanest sounding Crashdiet album out there and as I said not quite what I expected. But repeated listens do serve it well and had me forgetting my preconceived expectations and just enjoying the ride.

It’s a bit of a departure but you really should take the trip, especially if you like your Sleaze with melodic leanings…