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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

Charm City Devils
Let’s Rock and Roll

Sometimes something slips you by that you wish you’d caught at the time. So in the spirit of catching up, here’s on I missed when it was released back in May. Charm City Devils have produced a great album here, and deliver it on the Seven Eleven label knowing that they are Nikki Sixx’s first signing as label President. The pressure is on…

'Let’s Rock and Roll (Endless Road)' sets up the template pretty much for the album. This is bluesy AC/DC meets Buckcherry dirty rock and roll. There’s little nuance in the music on offer here, but quite frankly who cares, this is late night annoy-the –neighbours crank-it-loud music. Just the sort of thing that was made to be played live and made to be heard at a sweaty gig late on a Friday or Saturday night.

House of Fire’ keeps the tempo going nicely and ‘10,000 miles’, which follows is and Stonsey, with phrasing like Mick Jagger through the haze of 80’s sleaze.

Best of the Worst’ that follows is probably floats at a nice mid-tempo and proves the band can nix it up. There are some cool vocals and we’re as close we’ve got to a ballad so far. Almost ‘Aerosmith’ in execution, if latter-day Aerosmith were a bit looser. I can imagine this charting with a bit of exposure; it’s as good as any of Buckcherry’s slow tunes.

True Love (Hell Yeah)’ almost makes you think they’re about to break into a Billy Squier or Def Leppard song. A big sing-along song, that’s bound to play well live.

Money’ rocks away; ‘One Day’ reminds us of the Stones or even Jet; and ‘Night Is Dark’ is swagger not too far removed from the likes of Soundgarden: but all are great songs and have that honest sound that the Baltimore band bring to their debut CD.

Almost Home’ slows things down and again is reminiscent of Buckcherry’s slower tracks (and for me that is a good thing).

Just when you think you’ve heard a very cool album and are starting to wind down they leave two of the best for last. ‘Pour Me’ (pun intended certainly) is a Southern-tinged bass-driven drinking song of the highest order; and the closer ‘Burn Baby Burn’ is probably one of the catchiest tracks on the album. It may be a straightforward rocker but it sticks like gum on a cowboy boot.

Break out the six-pack; open the windows and LET IT ROCK! We will be hearing more from these guys I’m sure.