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OK this is going to be easy... just look at the cover it has to be full of cool songs right?

The Babylon Bombs for me are a little frustrating. I absolutely loved their first CD when it came out a few years back. Their second release was a little hit and miss in the songwriting stakes, but had the style and the attitude to make up for that at least partially. After a couple of spins of the new platter I'm very happy to say that they have got the balance just about right, or have they? Shit this is a tough one. They have the songs AND they have the style, but I'm still part way on the fence and it's all about how dirty you like your sleaze...

‘Liberation’ is a massive song and the best possible start to the album. Whilst it’s a distinctly modern rock song with some great production, it’s definitely built in the style of 80’s rock. The sound on the album is perhaps a bit of a cleaner than I expected but after a few songs it just seems to make so much sense. There are a bit of a glut of Sleaze-style bands out there at the moment (most very good) and whilst some focus on the ‘punk’ or ‘metal’ aspects; BB have taken another road altogether and produced what I can only describe as ‘infectious-pop-sleaze’ and they do it particularly well.

‘Babylon’s Burning’ the track itself is all hooks, slick production and great musicianship. ‘Angel Eyes’ makes me wonder if this is what the Sweet would have sounded like if they were born in the 80’s rather than the 70’s. No denying this is ticking the boxes and may even get the ladies dancing in the way Poison used to…

‘Anyway the Wind blows’ could be by anyone from Cinderella to Poison, another decidedly well-crafted song.

As I listened to the CD one thought kept coming back: ‘this is all very neat and tidy’. It’s hard to call that a criticism exactly but if I were to level one at such a great collection of songs its that it takes no chances, it’s all very self-conscious and there’s nothing really ‘balls-out’ here. Now if this were a melodic rock album that of course wouldn’t even come close to an issue, but I suppose it’s a very personal thing and all about how you view BB. But you feel every note here has its little box. At times BB can remind you of Wig Wam but when they are on songs like ‘It’s Alright’ it’s good but not quite as good as the Wam.

‘Shine On’ is as close as we get to a real rock-out and one of my stand-outs and ‘Fade Away’ the closer might be the best track on the CD.

Don’t get me wrong I rate this album highly, but because I like a bit of Blues and Dirt with my sleaze it doesn’t quite hit the G-spot but it’s um, around that area somewhere… If I was to have one criticism and it’s a very personal thing it’s just not quite dirty enough. You can imagine these guys having an ironing board on the tour bus… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Check out the video for ‘Liberation’ on YouTube if you don’t like that then you won’t like this. It’s unlikely.