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Strip Rock and Roll

A storming opener in 'Never Lose It' lays down the template for the album. From the off you know what to expect which is just how I like it. This is dirty sleazy rock that recalls the Sunset strip and all of it's venues. It's a driving rocker with a slight southern tinge tha hooks you in.

'Dirty Little Secret' that follows confirms suspicions about influences. It may be sleazy but there's also the flavors of the south in there and hailing from Georgia it's no surprise.

Flynt doesn't have the best voice in rock but it is perfectly suited to this style of music. he sounds like he has been drenched in gasoline and slowly set alight. (if only the laws of physics allowed that sentence to make sense).

It's a bit Gunners, a bit Crue and a bit Skid Row and it;s all good.

'It's Not Me' Takes you back to the eighties again. I can guess what these guys have been listening to and it's all good. Great song.

'Hard Life' opens with drums and a laid back guitar and has you remembering the song in flashbacks throughout the day.

'Love and Gone' is Asphalt Valentine hitting their peak with a slower number. It's a great song that shows the band have the ability to break through. I absolutely love the guitar.

'Don't Come Easy' is a good song but won't quite make your playlist.

'Be Your Drug' is... probably the best on offer here it just soars. I hope I'm not out of place by saying I could hear a band like Greenday playing this ON THERADIO.

'Strip Rck Roll' the title track owes more tan a nit to Motley's 'Better off Dead' chorus-wise, not that it's a bad thing. It's still a good song.

'Down To The Aces' sounds a xlose to filler that we get, and we don't get too close to be honest.

"Bombshell' the closer kicks ass, remniscent of early Poison, had that first CD been a little harder. It rocks and leaves you wanting to catch these guys live.

Buy It and sing alongto every song, put it on heavy rotation- it really does get better with each listen . This is stronger that some of the classics released way back when. When was the last time you played an album and loved every track? Who wrote these hooks?