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Loose Cannon
Head On
Left Hook From Right Field
Get Off The Fence
La Raza
Black Feet
Little Monkey
Bandit Country


It’s been a while, as my Uncle always says when I see him about every nine years. And indeed it’s been far too long since the Saint’s last CD. In between times I’ve managed to catch the band twice first at Rocklahoma in 2008 and then a year later in Perth Australia where sadly John Bush was ill and Joey did a very competent job at filling in on vocals.  That itself was a great night and we had a beer and a great chat with Phil and Jeff. Oh and then a few weeks ago we saw John singing with Anthrax as part of the Australian Soundwave travelling festival.

Anyhow reminisces aside, this is an amazing album and important album. John Bush is an absolute star here, and I’m honest when I say I’m not sure if he has ever sounded better. As for the rest of the guys they play their collective asses off, the guitars have depth and purpose, the bass crunches and the drums pound untiringly. The biggest surprise for me though is the sound. This ain’t metal it is pumping hard and heavy rock at it’s most memorable and harkens back to the classic “Symbol of Salvation” sound, which Joey Vera has managed to capture beautifully as producer. It really is that good, it’s serious stuff.

The opener “Loose Cannon” is a stunning demonstration of controlled power and sets up an album that really doesn’t stop delivering the goods until the last note has sounded. I can’t see a weak link here to be honest.  This sounds like a band that are a band, and a band that are enjoying themselves, which makes the whole Anthrax sideshow more of a mystery when you hear how good this album is. 

Highlights for me were pretty much the whole box and dice but opener “Loose Cannon”; the brooding “Head On”; the absolutely wonderful "Left Hook From Right Field"; "Black Feet"; "Blues”; as well as the majestic closing track “Bandit Country” are all finely crafted Saint classics.  

Most bands that don’t put out new product for such a long time normally disappoint when they resurface. Armored Saint is back with their strongest album in years. You will want to catch these guys live because they are amazing and with this new album in their arsenal they just may well have another shot at the world!