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Y&T’s first new album in a million years is a real face-melter as a fan once famously told them… I’m guessing that’s why they named it the way they did. For anyone familiar with Meniketti and co, you will not be disappointed. I’m not even sure that you can call this a return to form as it’s been so long; it’s more a case of turning off the TV when it was analogue and turning it back on to find it’s now digital and wide-screen.


Dave has kept a lot of irons in the fire since the last Y&T release, there have been solo releases, the building of Dave’s studio, numerous guest spots, including a recent memorable solo on the new Glyder CD (reviewed elsewhere) and of course Y&T have still continued to tour.


On Facemelter we have two original members of the band and two long-term members so it’s the genuine article on display here. It may not immediately jump out and scream “Rescue Me” but the songs on offer here, I’m betting, will make a killer supplement to a Y&T live set brimming with classics. Y&T are one of those amazingly rare bands that directly sparked the early 80s rock revolution whose epicentre was on the US West Coast and eventually led to the hair metal of the late eighties/early nineties. But Y&T were always an important band with plenty of imitators whose sound is still very unique.


On Facemelter we find a band very tight, and very much in form. The opening track: “On With the Show” knocks away all of the cobwebs and you know from the off that this will be a great listen. Guitars, voice, lyrics, feel it’s all there in spades and it’s all just as good as you remember it being.


“Shine On” is an early highlight and my favourite track. “I Want your Money” seems to be directed lyrically at someone, I just can’t put my finger on! “I’m Coming Home” though is what it’s all about with its stunning melody and chorus. “Hot Shot” has you feeling all AC/DC musically, whilst the rather unsubtle lyrics of “Gonna Go Blind” have you thinking AC/DC again but this time lyrically! The closing pair of “One Life” and “Losing My Mind” leave the album to rock out beautifully.


After just a few listens this is feeling like a great return. Just as good as, let’s say “In Rock We Trust”, if that’s not too controversial; and bound to go down very well indeed in the live arena. It’s also a nice touch to see the artist responsible for some of their classic covers John Dismukes gets the job on this album too, now when can I get the vinyl!


Believe me you need to see these guys soon. I want more!


I read Dave’s words about Ronnie Dio’s passing the other day and was truly moved. It just goes to show what a brotherhood we truly have in the rock music we love and what a gentleman Mr Meniketti truly is. Long Live Rock and Roll.