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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

THE CHARLES HOTEL, Perth, Western Australia
Saturday 4th December 2010


With moves, confidence, enthusiasm & stage presence straight out of the KISS playbook, Diamond Eye took this support slot as an opportunity to gain new fans and held nothing back as they blazed through a great set of favourites and newies.



Unapologetically playing heavy metal the way heavy metal used to be – Kiss, AC/DC and Motley Crue are obvious influences – Diamond Eye have a collection of raucous and catchy “heavy metal” songs which are always full of melody, riveting solos, anthemic choruses and a cheeky grin.



Can’t wait for their performance at Boxing Day’s SCORCHER FEST and their album launch at Amplifier Bar January 28th!


The Poor’s lead singer Skenie doesn’t waste time and fuck about. “Let’s fuckin’ do this shit, eh” he says, and like a back door slamming, The Poor are away and on fire.




Skenie, all tattoos, impossibly skinny jeans, and long hair, prowls about the stage in an energetic blur, and what follows is a road hardened display from a fucking great band – an hour and a half of newies from their recent Round 1 and Round 2 albums sitting perfectly next to older classics like ‘More Wine Waiter Please’, ‘What I’d Do (To Get A Piece Of You)’ and ‘Hair of The Dog’ that could teach any band of twenty-somethings in the world a few lessons.



By the time Skenie wades through the crowd to the bar during encore ‘Hair of The Dog’ and closes proceedings with another track from 1994’s “Who Cares” everyone present is drunk on great rock n’ roll and damned glad they came out tonight.



In the spirit of Rose Tattoo, AC/DC and The Angels there’s absolutely no pretention to The Poor, just bloody great songs and great delivery. If there were any justice in the world the next time we see them on this side of the desert they’ll be playing a much bigger venue and the complacent people of Perth will make the effort to catch one of the best live bands this country has ever produced. Til then, we have their support slot for ZZ Top in April to look forward to!



Shane Pinnegar


Diamond eye setlist:
Been away too long
Last One Standing
Sound of the Guns
Beyond the Circle
Closer to the Sun
Waiting For Me


The Poor setlist:
Tell Someone Who Cares
Man Of War
Which Part of No Don’t You Understand
Dirty Money
Kill my Faith
Kiss My Arse
Nothin’ You Say
What I’d Do (To get a piece of you)
Black and Blue
Ain’t On The Chain No More
Prisoner of Fools
More Wine Waiter Please

Hair of The Dog
Only The Night