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Billboard, Melbourne 6/8/10

by Metal Billy


When thrash legends Testament announced a brief 3 date Australian tour wedged in between legs of the American Carnage Tour with Megadeth and Slayer, the decision was made to embark on a road trip from Perth home base to represent The Rockpit and see these guys live for the first time ever.


Arriving in Melbourne around 2 ish and getting our bearings, a burger and numerous frothies at the cool old pub across the road from Billboard , myself and trusty sidekick Stinger entered the venue just in time for the support band, Aussie metallers Dreadnaught, to start belting out their brand of 'Pub Metal' to an enthusiastic bunch of black clad head bangers.

It was during this set that we ran into a Road Crew member we had met in the pub earlier and he gave me a quick backstage tour and pic before a few Jager-bombs were had at the bar as we prepared for the mighty Testament.

The lights dimmed and the intro For The Glory Of .. announced the arrival of the Bay Area Thrash giants who launched into More Than Meets the Eye to the roar of the crowd. Chuck Billy was up front playing air guitar on the mike stand and growling in his distinctive timbre with Alex Skolnik crunching out the riffs as they followed with Dog Faced Gods and The New Order .. by this time it was obvious the band were putting in 110% but for some reason the sound mix was a bit 'off' in our opinion. We proceeded to move position a few times but were still confronted with a muddy vocal sound which was the only negative of the night..was it the venue / the mix / atmospheric pressure, our fucked up hearing ??



However a few more beverages and we were singing along to Sins of Omission, Electric Crown and The Persecuted Won't Forget as the band barely stopped for breath with drummer Bostaph and bassist Greg 'not Eric ' Christian ( sans beard ) providing the driving beat to the older tunes like Riding The Snake, COTLOD and Trial by Fire.

Guitarists Eric Petersen and the stripey haired Skolnik traded classic Testament riffs as the show was rounded out by Practice What You Preach, Into The Pit and finishing up with The Formation of Damnation ( alas no Disciples of the Watch or Over The Wall ).

There was to be no encore, just an acknowledgement from C Billy on behalf of the band to the exhausted looking crowd and they wandered off stage.


As we shuffled around finishing off the last of our beer we ran into our Crew buddy from earlier and the evening concluded with us having more beers with him and a few of the other tour people and much discussion on things metal and beyond was had into the wee hours of the morning ( details are a bit hazy ).

Rounding off the hit and run attack on Melbourne with a visit to the Tim Burton Exhibition at ACMI and the Collingwood VS Geelong AFL game at the MCG on the Saturday and the trip was deemed an overwhelming success.

Thanks to Kelli Wright for the door pass, Greg and Brett for the laughs.

PS Apologies to Greg Christian for calling him Eric in the lift .. how embarrassment.

Rating : Show 3.5 ( sound was a let down ) Trip 4.5


Set List
1. For The Glory Of
2. More Than Meets The Eye
3. Dog Faced Gods
4. The New Order
5. Sins Of Omission
6. Electric Crown
7. The Persecuted Won't Forget
8. Riding The Snake
10. Trial By Fire
11. The Legacy
12. Practice What You Preach
13. Into The Pit
14. DNR ( Do Not Rescusitate )
15. 3 Days in the Darkness
16. The Formation of Damnation