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1. Audio Secrecy
2. Mission Statement
3. Digital (Did You Tell)
4. Say You'll Haunt Me
5. Dying
6. Let's Be Honest
7. Unfinished
8. Hesitate
9. Nylon 6/6
10. Miracles
11. Pieces
12. The Bitter End
13. Imperfect
14. Threadbare

‘Audio Secrecy’ is the third studio album by Stone Sour and the follow up to 2006’s ‘Come what ever may’. Now let’s not mess about, this band isn’t a side line for Slipknot, they were formed in ‘92 and I feel are the far better band. Corey Taylor has more freedom to write lyrics and songs that would not make it on a Slipknot album. The songs here are heavily influenced by Taylor’s bitter divorce and his new marriage. The album kicks off with an instrumental piano track

Track 1 -Audio Secrecy is simply a very good track and an excellent opener to the album.


Track 2 - Mission Statement is a powerful song with fantastic guitar playing. Solos with fast, awesome drumming and a nice catchy metal guitar riff. The vocals are very powerful.


Track 3 - Digital (did you tell) starts off with catchy riffs and drums. The vocals are just stunning accompanied by perfect guitar harmonies and a high-speed drumming. Incredible solos guitars. You gotta Love this track. It’s brilliant!


Track 4 - Say you’ll haunt me is a catchy melodic rhythmic selection. I love the song, its very radio friendly.


Track 5 – Dying kicks off with great acoustic guitars. It is another radio friendly alternative rock song, one that will stay in your head and you’ll be singing it for days.


Track 6 - Let’s be honest this is a hard rock/metal song. Corey delivers an amazing vocal performance on this track. I love his vocal range (roar and melodic). Very cool explosive metal solo guitars.


Track 7 – Unfinished is in my opinion the stand out track on the album and features powerful rhythms parts. It is no doubt a metal song. The song just bounces along and you can image the fans bouncing and punching into the air. The melodic verses are very catchy. The sound is crazy and extremely intense!


Track 8 - Hesitate kicks off with vocals and rhythm guitars. It is a fantastic powerful rock ballad. Hesitate is another potential hit.


Track 9 - Nylon 6/6 Corey’s vocals roar through this. It’s a much heavier track. The bass guitar sections are punctuated with powerful catchy riffs and played perfectly backed with Roy’s galloping drumming. Corey whispers words very well.


Track 10 -Miracles is another powerful rock ballad. Corey sounds phenomenal.


Track 11 - Pieces kicks off with an acoustic guitar and then introduces powerful drums. There are some cool solo guitars sounds. I like the way this rather melodic track that ends with an acoustic guitar.


Track 12 - The Bitter end is another metal song with brutal guitar riffs. The feel you get from the song is nothing short of incredible !!!


Track 13 - Imperfect is a beautiful acoustic song highlighted by Corey’s vocals. It is an emotional slow ballad, which is a refreshing change of pace for this album.


Track 14 -Threadbare is great way to close out the CD, with the bass/acoustic guitars as an intro. It is a slow song, and Corey slows his vocals down. I like the change of tempo halfway through with the sound of church bells in the background, then it kicks of again. Excellent!

My conclusion? Stone Sour punch and kick their way through this great album. As an avid fan I can’t wait to see them live at ‘Soundwave’ festival next year.


Reviewed by Guest Reviewer Paul Hadlington