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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world


ROCKET ROOM, Perth, Western Australia

26 JUNE 2010


By Shane Rockpit


A bitterly cold night and a freeway smash almost kept us from catching STONE CIRCLE tonight, but luckily we made it into the warmth of our ‘home away from home’, The Rocket Room, just in time.


Lead singer Harry has a rootsy and soulful ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ voice a la Otis Redding, and employs it to great effect on tunes like ‘I Still Want You’, ‘9 Reasons’, and the Police-like ‘Transparent’.


From the first track it’s pleasantly apparent that after 3 US tours and a lineup overhaul the band sound rawer and fuller than on their debut CD “385 Newcastle Street”, and they shine radiantly on ‘Living For The Sunshine’, which almost makes us forget the freezing night air which lies in wait for us outside.


Stone Circle’s diversity and passion should garner them favour with rock radio and a wider fanbase, but with such eclectic influences (throughout the 40 minute set we hear funky bass, a guitar line reminiscent of Mr Big’s ‘Addicted to that Rush’, some modern Bon Jovi-esque radio rock and a whole lot more) the diversity actually slightly detracts from their obvious talent. With a little direction and a more recognisable individual sound, Stone Circle’s second album and future will be assured.


While we talk at length with Harry after their set, it becomes apparent that he and Stone Circle have a story to tell - but that is a tale for another day on The Rockpit, and although we only catch the strains of STILLFIRE from a distance backstage, it's clear they've wowed the packed out venue with their Zeppelin meets Black Crowes madness. This is the second time we've missed part of a set from these classy classic rockers & we're determined there won;t be a third!


Headliners GASOLINE INC hand picked tonight’s line-up and laid on as confident and polished a set as we’ve seen them play.


The heaving crowd sang their hearts out to favourites ‘Superstar’, ‘Nicotine + Love’, ‘The Dirty Three’ and more, fuelled perhaps by the night’s full moon lunar eclipse.


The last time we caught the guys was on the big stage with an epic production to launch their last single, but on The Rocket Room’s red velvet curtain lined stage a band must stand or fall on their music and talent alone. Luckily for all who braved this frosty night, Gasoline Inc have no shortcomings in either department and, in fact, it was refreshing to see them just being a rock band again without the guest choirs, backdrops and theatrical flourishes.


The crowd were rewarded handsomely for coming out tonight with a great, well-rounded line-up of bands and The Rocket Room’s comfortable, enveloping warmth made all our wintry blues evaporate for a few hours.


Shane Rockpit