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When you listen to as much music from as many different genres as I do, it really takes a special album to get you excited from the moment you slip that CD into your player. Since October's newest release, "Life/Scars/Apologies" is one of those releases. The blend of different genres, from nu-metal to ballads and everything in between makes this an album that should have something for almost everyone. From rocking opener to the closer, an Alice in Chains cover, the band draws you into their world.


The CD kicks charges forward with a cool fade in and 'The Way You Move" with its catchy chorus and great rhythm. This song seems to take the formula made popular by so many other bands these days while maintaining its individuality. I hate to draw conclusions to other bands blazing up the charts and selling millions of CDs and tickets these days, as I feel these young rockers have something they don't. In my mind, the best thing is the music that is a little harder that rock radio would normally play, but vocals that are inviting to just about anyone. These vocals lead the listener into the title track and beyond. There really isn't a lot of filler here. The third track, 'Believe' uses powerful vocals with intricate guitar playing and effects to bring its message across.


The next song, 'Sober Love' is a ballad that seems to cry out to every lover scorned or just left holding their heart waiting for the next round. Almost as life carries on after the loss of love, 'Life of Mine' carries the album into the next phase, talking of lessons learned and looking for something more. Completing the trifecta is 'Other Side of Me.' This emotional song helps wrap up the preceding two songs by letting the listeners know that there is always another side to each individual and situation.


Picking the pace back up and flexing a little muscle, the band lets loose with 'The Show' which is a head banging good time. This track helps them show they can growl with some of the best around. 'Mend All the Pieces' follows that with an almost rhythmic backline. The pre-chorus and chorus bring the whole band together as they weave the story with their instruments and provides a nice buffer between the preceding track and the next song, 'Crying Shame.' This song is catchy and it wouldn't surprise me to hear this one on satellite radio.


Heading toward the finish line, the last couple songs bring out all of the elements the album has utilized to tell the story. 'My Only' is one of those ballads that is more than a ballad. It tells a story, and draws you into the world of the storyteller. The final original song, 'Made Up My Mind' makes my feet move and tap out the rhythm of the song. Ending on a strong note, the Since October takes a chance and covers 'Don't Follow' by Alice in Chains. And they pull it off… WAY exceeding my expectations.


If you want something that doesn't sound the same from song to song, this is for you. It was refreshing to find a band that didn't write a song, like it, do well, and repeat the formula on EVERY track on the record. Look out for these guys, they are going places.


Todd Jolicouer