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The Rockpit - Sex Tips From Rock Stars by Paul Miles book review

By Paul Miles


Ever wondered what true rock stars get up to on the tour bus after the gig? Need some pointers on how to score with one of your idols? Think you need some advice on how the opposite sex ticks from the guys (and girl) who turn on thousands every night from the stage?


Paul Miles has an impressive pedigree, having toured the world with Motley Crue – the subjects of several of his previous books – and others. It’s been a rocking journey for the 80’s punk from my home town of Perth, Western Australia.


Along the way he pitched in some ideas to Neil Strauss’s infamous Crue biography “The Dirt”, and several years later it was Strauss who changed the direction of this book from “Recipes from Rock Stars” to its final, considerably more rock n’ roll, subject material by suggesting sex would be a “tastier” topic!


It’s been interesting to see the response to the advance press about this tome. Will it be an anthropological dissection of Rock Star Sex? A sordid and shallow exposé? A comical collection of anecdotes played for laughs?


What you actually get is effectively a questionnaire answered by 23 rock stars, some interviewed in person, some by telephone and some replying by email. The book is arranged question by question, with the questions grouped into relevant chapters. Not every rocker answers every question, and not every answer is hilarious – but that’s where the beauty of this book kicks in: in a way it normalises some of these big stars by showing that not every one of them are self-mythologising egomaniacs, though Miles insists that the books sub- title “In Their Own Words” is 100% accurate – in his own words, “Apart from masking a few names of people involved in some stories to not incriminate them, the content has not been sanitised in any way, shape or form. You really do hear it direct from the rock stars as they told it to me, no matter how improper or inappropriate their expression may be.”


As you might expect, a lot of the bigger names invited to take part declined (does Robert Plant need this sort of publicity now, in his sixties, with his Americana roots revival career resurgence?), yet still the likes of Lemmy Kilmister, Kiss’s Bruce Kulick, Andrew W.K., Brent Muscat (Faster Pussycat, Sin City Sinners), Danko Jones, Ginger Wildheart, Jesse Hughes of the Eagles of Death Metal and more reply enthusiastically and seemingly candidly.


Only one of the 23 are female – Allison Robertson of The Donnas – and hers are among the most interesting responses, at times providing a welcome antidote to some of the more testosterone fuelled replies – and at others empoweringly proving that rock chicks like to get down and dirty just as much as the guys!


Apparently Miles also approached legendary Judas Priest singer Rob Halford for his different perspective, but was politely refused. Perhaps he will be more keen to participate after seeing the end product?


This is no sexual guide book, but there is the hope that this book might actually be of help to some inexperienced budding swordsmen (and women) out there – as a settled and monogamous man, like Miles, in my forties, the book stimulated a few interesting conversations with my partner, as well as reminding me of a couple of sordid incidents from my own days traversing the globe!


More than anything else, “Sex Tips From Rock Stars” is funny, and I mean belly laugh, literally ROFL, funny.


Some of the rockers are self-aggrandising, some are thick as a brick, and some just seem oblivious to how they are hanging themselves with the rope the author has provided. Of course some are just regular guys, some take the piss and some share memorable, considered and extremely personal and occasionally moving moments.


MOJO magazine recently declared that “this book exists – but does it need to?” The answer to that is no, but thank goodness it does, and like any rock band whose star is rising, we hope that Miles can keep coming up with flashier original ideas and bigger star attraction to build a successful series out of this.


Perhaps the best review I can give is this – after a night out drinking and rocking at a recent gig, my girlfriend and I crash landed on our couch and flicked through the book reading quotes at random out loud. We literally laughed so much our bellies hurt and at one point at least one of us fell onto the floor from laughing too hard. Most importantly of all, we then got down to some dirty rock star shenanigans. Job well done, Mister Miles.


Shane Rockpit


Thanks to Omnibus Press & the author for sending us the book to review