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Dying for a living


"Dying For A Living" is the debut offering from rookie rockers Red Line Chemistry, and it is giving modern rock a much needed shot in the arm. Made up of vocalist Brett Ditgen, guitarists Andy Breit and Dave Fyten, bassist Tom Brown and Mike Mazzarese on drums, these guys are taking aim… with two barrels full of rock.


The album opener 'Vicious Cycles' is a great start. With the fade in and guitar intro, you aren't quite sure what to expect, but a minute in and you find your toe tapping and head starting to bob in head banger fashion. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a nod to 80s glam or cock rock, just great rock that makes you appreciate the piece of plastic you slipped into the CD player. The same rhythm that made you move in the lead track keeps up the motion in the next track. 'Knock Down Drag Out' is a song that would hold its own against any other song played on modern rock stations.


'Dumb Luck' opens with a dirty bass and guitar line. Gotta love greasy rock… and any song that declares, "God damn I gotta start livin'" or seems to take on the plight of closet rockers who work 9-to-5. This leads to 'Fire Rising' which sounds like it came from 1990's Seattle… seems to channel Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell. This song shifts from mid tempo rocker to full throttle and back again.


Another blistering guitar song, 'You Don't Get It' comes along and helps us drop the pedal and move along. This one makes me think of friends who just didn't grasp life and run with it. 'Déjà Vu' is the perfect song to back up the previous track as its message and theme seem to roll on through both songs.


Undeniably one of my two favorite tracks starts off as a 2:40 minute instrumental piece. 'Plastic Masquerade' is a beautiful rock piece that avoids the trappings of bumble bee buzzing guitars and contains solid playing from all members of the band that handle an instrument. Brett then adds his instrument to the mix and sings of people who never quite figured it out. Although the whole album thus far spoke to me, this song will stand out for years to come.


'Johnny Come Alive' picks up where the previous left off, in talking about youth and not wasting the time given you. 'Greed' comes along, picks me up, and brings me back to my cozy rock world. This song brings me to the point of wanting to sit behind a drum set and beat the shit out of it. The rhythm is contagious and soon I am ready to rock my ass off. This song makes me feel good to be alive… and glad I am not behind the wheel of a car, as I know the pedal would be ground into the floor.


'Gigantour' is another chugging rock tune that seems to take the reins and keep this album on the road to rock glory. Great bass line and steady drumming keep my head moving and hold me through the big chorus. The only hiccup is the last song. Not that 'So Many Days' is a bad song, but I don't know if I would have ended the CD with this track. It is a moving ballad and very introspective, but again with so many rockers, I would have dropped this in the middle of the CD.


This disc is full of chunky yet flowing and powerful riffs along with a strong rhythm line that help carry the songs along. Not a bad disc at all. Again check out 'Plastic Masquerade' and 'Greed' first. It will make you VERY happy you bought this CD.


Todd Jolicouer