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2 October 2010, CIVIC HOTEL, Perth, Western Australia


Some things you can plan for, but some things are just pure dumb luck.


Pyramid of The Coyote put a lot of effort into making sure the launch of their “Monkey Empire” (Reviewed here) EP was a night to remember, with a line-up featuring 6 of Perth’s best bands, so it was a damned shame that a few spanners were thrown into the works from the start.


We rolled up to The Civic Hotel to find the bar in the band room had blown a gasket (or some such thing), so drinks service would be in the main public bar. The crowd was thin on the ground from the get go, and we’d missed newbies ALL IN ALL and recent finalists of the Rockingham Hotel Battle of The Bands, iCHORA, both of whom apparently turned in fine sets.


Most infuriating of all for the Coyote boys was the news that their bass player would be spending the night in hospital helping his wife through the birth of their new bambino –there’s few better excuses to not be around than that one!


These bad omens weren’t about to affect the music tonight though – oh no, the show must go on!


STONE CIRCLE made the few dozen punters who had arrived early feel special with a set that could have been performed to a thousand, such was its quality, confidence and charisma.



More focussed than we’ve seen in the past, frontman Jeremy Harris led the band through a great set of polished melodic rock from their debut and soon-to-be-released second album. Scott Howe’s Eddie Van Halen influenced lead guitar soared throughout the songs and in Craig Skelton and Derrin Kee they have a rhythm section the equal of any other in this town.



Through ballads ‘Gero Love Song’ and ‘Lost’ – featuring Skelton on keys – and ballsy rockers ‘Transparent’ and ‘Living For The Sunshine’, Stone Circle never failed to impress for a moment.


One of our favourite bands, THE SURE FIRE MIDNIGHTS always hit the stage running with their fast n’ furious AC/DC meets The Runaways full frontal assault.



One of their last gigs for a while, as singer Clair Sargeant has a bun in the oven, we’re lucky enough to see another white hot performance from this world class band and it’s sad the night is so poorly attended. Each of the bands playing are well worth the price of admission, but how do you fight local apathy?



Kylie Soanes beats the hell out of her drumkit like a blacksmith hitting hot metal, sister Abby laying down a solid rhythm on bass (and how she has improved!), while Sharni Pearson-Misich and Lady Evil Laura McCormack are all impossibly tight jeans and leathers and smoking hot axes.


It’s a constant amazement that this band aren’t touring the world – under appreciated gold.


STELLA’S KITCHEN have such a glowing reputation that we’re actually embarrassed we’ve not caught them before now, and the four Romeo brothers don’t disappoint tonight.



Polished, hard and heavy, and tight as a duck’s butt, The Kitchen filter four very different sets of musical influences into their lovingly crafted sound, with well written songs and a Hendrixian wizard in lead guitarist Jonathan Romeo.



Finally it’s time for the headliners, and the absence of their bass player doesn’t hold PYRAMID OF THE COYOTE back one bit.


photo by Vixen Pix


Guitarist Kely Barcia and vocalist Gary Cornell work hard to fill the gaps left from the absence of the bottom end, and just about pull it off through sheer “fuck you” bravado with a kick arse set that raced through their EP tracks and more.


‘Hail To The Monkey’ and ‘Come Undone’ are just great live – even without the bass – but it’s ‘Self Destruction’ which wins the day with a frenzied performance from the guys.


Photo by Vixen Pix


As we walked into the chilly night we reflected on just how lucky we are to have such a vibrant and powerful local music scene. On any given weekend we are literally spoiled for choice with a wide and diverse range of bands playing around the burbs, many of them world class.


It’s always infuriating when a really good and worthy gig like this is under-attended, and it’s certainly no reflection on the quality of the bands involved. You can lead a horse to water, as they say, and you can’t hold a bloody good rock band down even when the odds are stacked against them. POTC came out swinging tonight, one man down, and everyone who did make it out left knowing they’d seen a great rock n’ roll show

Shane Rockpit

Photos by Shane Pinnegar except as noted, thanks Mandy Av for the extras!