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PAT BENATAR with Neil Geraldo
Supported by The Bangles
29 October 2010


As if the venue confusion wasn’t enough (originally to be at Sandalford Winery on October 31st, firstly the date, and then the venue changed for this show), The Rockpit arrived to find we had no tickets at the box office for this eagerly anticipated show. Luckily, a few calls and text messages were made and the box office suddenly had our passes, and we toddled through just in time to see The Bangles


This (now) 3-girl group plus hangers on have lost none of their perfect-pop vocal brilliance – lush harmonies and chorus after chorus delight the mostly seated and decidedly conservative crowd sipping their sauvignon blanc and nibbling through their picnic baskets.



Sweeter than a honeypot they may be, but when they announce an impending new album to a sea of dead ears, the mostly middle aged crowd start chatting amongst themselves - all these once in a blue moon rockers want is another flashback to their glory days & coming of age.


The Bangles throw everything at the crowd – drummer Debbie Peterson comes centre stage and dons a guitar for ‘Going Down to Liverpool’ (written by Katrina of the Waves), for ‘Eternal Flame’, Susannah Hoffs takes the spotlight, and most of the males in the zoo grounds are a-drool, from boys to tigers, and probably right down to the koalas in their eucalyptus trees.



The girls obviously dig playing their guitars, it’s a shame they obviously feel they can’t play any rawer or louder or rock out more. The crowd certainly don’t help – talking loudly over anything that doesn’t remind them of their personal glory days.


Sadly, not many people here will be investing in any new music anytime soon. Despite them inserting classy relative newie ‘Hero Takes A Fall’ just before their set closer ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ toyed with The Who’s ‘Magic Bus.

After a bit of a wait, Pat Benatar and hubby Neil Geraldo sauntered onstage and kicked straight into the raunchy ‘All Fired Up’


It’s the last night of the tour and Pat’s first time in Perth, so she promises “a little bit of everything…”, and that’s what she delivers, with tunes from all of her albums making an appearance. If the Bangles were the epitomy of 80’s femme guitar pop, there weren’t too many chicks rocking the States and beyond as hard, or as relentlessly chart damagingly as Pat Benatar. Still together with hubby Neil “Spyder” Geraldo after 29 years (yes, Matt, still married, still happily), Benatar is looking great at 57, though has long since retired the spandex and headbands.



Security got busy, heavy handedly trying to force all the dancers to sit down. Do they (or their puppetmasters) only listen to rock music at home in comfy chairs or sprawled upon rugs in the living room? There’s smoking areas outside for people to go and commit slow suicide, what about reserving a dancing area next time?


Pat’s voice sounds great, really strong, and from ‘All Fired Up’ onwards it’s clear she plans to rock out tonight, the last night of her Aussie tour and her very first ever time in Perth.



Spyder cracks out his acoustic guitar for an intimate middle section, the happy couple perched atop bar stools, Geraldo stating more than once “Gimme some more of this Perth water” as he sips some local vino! “Don’t encourage him!” says the missus as the crowd cheer.


It’s inevitable at “heritage” gigs like this that a large portion of the crowd only want to hear the big hits and relive their formative years. Thankfully most tonight were more respectful of the newer and more obscure material from our headliner than they were for her support act.



We’d heard Pat dislikes performing her biggest hit ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’, and sure enough she intro’s it tonight with by explaining “I wish I didn’t have to sing this one, but now I’m 57, I make the rules – so you have to sing the bits I hate”. Naturally the audience complies heartily as she prowls the stage like a cougar.


All in all this was a fantastic night full of pop rock music in an idyllic setting, lovely. Many thanks to the lovely ladies at Kerry O’Brien publicity for inviting us along to review the show.

Shane Pinnegar

Set list – The Bangles

Hazy Shade of Winter
Some dreams come true
Manic Monday
Here right now
Going Down to Liverpool
Eternal Flame
Get The Girl
In Your Room
Hero takes a Fall
Walk Like An Egyptian

Set list – Pat Benatar

All Fired Up
Shadows of the night
If You Think You Know How to Love Me
Somebody’s Baby
Promises In The Dark
You Better Run
I don’t want to be your friend
We belong to the night
Hell is for children
Hit me with your best shot
Love is a battlefield


Let’s stay together