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Released December 2009



If Lemmy & Brian Setzer dually fathered quadruplets with Joan Jett, and those 4 kids got into The Misfits, hairspray and kinky sex… when the dust settled these self proclaimed “asshole, bastard, son[s] of a bitch, scumbag retard piece of shit”s might have called themselves Panzer Princess and set about laying waste to their native Sweden with their high energy sleaze metal shows.


Their debut album is a romper stomper of an offering, serving up riffs with a slight metalabilly (not to be confused with our own esteemed writer Metal Billy!) edge, some great tunes about the seedier side of life, and an unhealthy side serve of belligerence, lip & punk attitude.


This isn’t an album for those with tender ears – these sleazy cowboys have potty mouths and aren’t afraid to use ‘em!  The above quote comes from the opener ‘Asshole, Bastard (Son of a Bitch)’ and set the tone.  ‘A Mess’ tells the tale of a seedy young lady bestowing unwanted attention upon them, ‘No Good’ is a slide-driven tale of being up to, erm… no good, and ‘Sadat Bloody Sadat’ cops a bit of the ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ riff before lurching Frankenstein’s monster-styled into another hilarious and vitriolic rant (“you stupid little four eyes, you ain’t got no chance in hell, you look like fuck and got no friends…” – classic stuff!). 


The good time pissed-off vibe continues through the whole 8 songs: ‘Gag me, cuff me’ could be about strict managers as much as about a domineering bedroom buddy, and standout track ‘Please Cum Down’ is an irresistible slice of hatred which had The Rockpit office screaming along “please cum down, down to earth… shut the fuck up, and go to hell – I’ve had enough of you!” at all those who we despise!


The album slide across the plate with the excellent ‘Rob the Bank’ and the punk fuelled blink-and-you’ll-miss-it ‘Oh No!’, a sublime way to finish this great rocking album.


Sure, they’re pissed off, but they’re FUNNY, and most importantly – they rock hard!


For a good time call… PANZER PRINCESS!