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More an anthology than a greatest hits package, this is th third repackaging for some of the tracks herein. The Pistoleros’ 2007 debut “Wild, Beautiful, Damned” was reissued as “Para Siempre” with a couple of bonus tracks in 2008, and their acclaimed mini album “Welcome to the Hotel De La Muerte” [REVIEW HERE] followed in 2009.


This album, remastered by the incomparable Joe Gibb, collects all the songs from the above releases (note some tracks are renamed on this release) and provides the perfect starting point for anyone unfamiliar with The world’s greatest flamenco sleaze glam band!


The band tear through minor classics like ‘Jet, Jet, Jet Boyz’, ‘Chicas Peligrosa’ (Dangerous Girls) and the epic ballad ‘Sangre de Las Rosas’ (Blood on the roses) with all style and grace of a the Tijuana Hells Angels gang with a score to settle, yet despite their elegantly wasted image as alcoholic sleaze warriors of the glam apocalypse, they are never less than tight and precise.


A truly orginal band, the decadent beauty in their work shines through here, as they teeter on the cusp of a major deal and a new album. Despite there unfortunately being nothing new on this album, this retrospective gives the uninitiated the perfect opportunity to baptise themselves in the murky waters of the Church of the Pistoleros.




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1. Shotgun Kiss Is Ay Que Dolor

2. Forever Is Para Siempre

3. Switchblade Kiss Comes Close

4. The Crazy Loco Loquito

5. Welcome to the Hotel De la Muerte

6. Mangi ( Prince of Thieves)

7. Living la Vida Loca

8. Sangre Da Las Rosas

9. Living Down With the Gypsies

10. Walk Through the Shadows

11. Wild, Beautiful, Damned

12. Jet, Jet, Jet Boyz

13. Chica De La Luna

14. Whats It Like to Be a Girl In the House of 1,000 Dolls?

15. Una Para Todo Es Bandido!

16. Chicas Peligrosa

17. Son Illusiones

18. Pistolero, Pistolero