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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

30 JULY 2010


We have a huge drama when I try to get tickets for this show on the morning - even though the Sunset Station Casino is full of posters for the event nowhere does it tell you that it is a 'listener appreciation show' where you have to call into the local Rock Radio Station to win tickets to the event.


I call the station, plead with them that we are in from Australia and we would really appreciate it if we could win some tickets, and thanks to the wonderful people at KOMP we do get to go to the ball and have a great time.


It's a wonderful night to see a concert outside at the grass amphitheatre behind the Sunset Station. The sun is going down, the beer is flowing and the tequila holster girls are out with their tequila and Jager shots. Life is great, i could do this for a living.


We get in just to see the tail end of the NAWGAHYDE show, and it's a shame that we didn't get in sooner as these comedy cowboys with their big facial hair and enormous hats seem to have a pretty entertaining take on Southern Rock classics. There's a running joke with the 'Mexican' member Nachos, who breaks into La Bamba at every opportunity, but when they play Freebird to close the show it's apparent that these guys are pretty good musicians too. You could spend worse Saturdays in Vegas from this brief glimpse. Funniest moment though has to be the singers final line after he's thanked everyone and is leaving the stage "This whole thing's been a fucking disaster!"

Sin City Sinners are always fun and you just have to catch them when in Vegas if you love great Rock music with an eighties slant. It may be a short set but it certainly gets the crowd warmed up for the main attraction. Still it would have been nice to hear some more original music, particularly as a lot of the crowd seems to be familiar with them.



What we get is a short but sweet set with a couple of Faster Pussycat tunes, "House of Pain" with Louie Merlino from Beggars and Thieves on vocals going down particularly well with the crowd, as does "Walk this Way" and Jimmy Crespo (ex-Aerosmith) on lead guitar really looks to be enjoying himself. For me it's great to just see this guy on stage "Rock in a Hard Place" has always been one of my favourite Aerosmith albums and to actually get to see the man play and meet him later in the night is truly memorable.



But the set isn't over with that high, as Paul Shortino joins the guys to run through "Heaven and Hell" which he dedicates to Ronnie. Shooter glasses are liberally distributed to the crowd, I catch a plectrum like the Karate Kid catches flies, and we are encouraged to see them again inside the casino at Club Madrid after Great White.



As soon as they leave the stage the action begins again with a tasteful "Hooters Bikini contest" which provides a bit of fun while the stage is put together for Great White. I managed to catch up with Paul Shortino who is just back from Hawaii, doing some Rough Cutt. He tells me that the King Cobra new album is almost finished, and we agree to catch up for an interview in a couple of weeks. Nice guy, who certainly has it all happening at the moment.




The first time I had seen Great White in years before the Rock N America set a few days ago had been at Rocklahoma in 2009, where a battered Jack Russel on meds and obviously in severe pain, gave an understandably poor performance. The great news is that despite not dancing around like he used to vocally he's as fit as he ever has been. Tonight Great White put on a real treat for KOMP's loyal listeners and blow-ins from downunder like me.


I've always been a huge fan of the bluesy twist Great White put on 80's stadium rock and there are few surviving bands still out there who stilldo it as good as these boys. Opening with the rocking "Can't Shake It" they don't put a foot wrong all night. i like it when bands aren't afriad to play their new stuff either, it's even better when it slips into a set of classics without standing out. The two new songs that the guys play tonight should have people grabbing a copy of Rising on the way out (they are signing after all).


Jack greet us with "Are You Ready, for some rock n roll my brothers and sisters?" and it's clear from the response from the crowd that we are. It's a wonderful night out on the lawn, there's a small of weed in the air, and the shots are flowing and the big cans of Busch beer are selling well.


We meet Michael T Ross from Lita Ford's band when Great White start up "Down on Your Knees" he's just back from Europe and playing a show in Vegas later in the week and a really cool guy, we arrange to meet up later.


"Face The Day" the cover of The Angels' song has always been a crowd favourite and Jack must think so too as he confides "I'm getting a chill, maybe a little wood, but that may be the wind and these loose pants" He's a funny man.


After a brief excerpt of The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes" whilst guitars are tuned (it's unusually humid in Nevada today) we get a storming rendition of "Save Your Love".

A warm wind blows and Jack tells us about the song: "That was about true love, that only comes once, but this is where I am at the moment, the last house on lonely street". The band strike up "House of Broken Love" and you feel truly sorry for Jack with his broken bones and obviously broken heart.


There's a change of pace with Mark's blues song from solo album, "Red Rooster" and there's another new song before Jack gets all misty eyed about the decade we love "We're all of us from the eighties, because if your not, you missed out, cause in the 80's we gave it all."


"All or nothing" off hooked follows before Michael sings "Lovin' Kind" which closes the set proper. A great night with Great White in Nevada. For encores we get a couple of great songs: " We wrote this song on some really good ecstasy, but that was a long tome ago, dont shoot the messenger" Jack tells us before the band launch into the entirely fitting "Dessert Moon". There can only be one song to close the show and it is of course "Once Bitten" the Ian Hunter classic that has even the event staff rocking out. It's an amazing evening and the band stop behind to say hi and sign for the invited crowd.


Thanks again to KOMP for the tickets.





Going to Las Vegas.
Bathroom Wall. ( Brent on vocals).
Hey, Hey, Rock N Roll.
Walk This Way (with Special guest, Louie Merlino from Beggars & Thieves on vocals).
House of Pain.
Heaven and Hell (with Paul Shortino on vocals, dedicated to Ronnie).
Metal Health.


Cant Shake It.
Down on Your Knees.
Face The Day.
Excerpt of Behind Blue Eyes (whilst tuning guitar).
Save Your Love.
A warm wind blows.
House of Broken Love.
Little Red Rooster (from Mark's solo album).
My Sanctuary.
All or Nothing.
Lovin' Kind (Michael sings).
Rock Me.

Dessert Moon
Once Bitten