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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

Oct 5 2010
Amplifier Bar, Perth


Words - Shane Rockpit & Metal Billy
Pics - Magpie Pete


The evening began with the unexpected but most agreeable revelation of free beer and food at what we now call The Very Fucking Generous Squire next door to Amplifier, so the Rockpit Crew were well and truly primed for some monsterous riffs as we made our way to the beer garden.


MALIGNANT MONSTER huff and puff and shout and scream and try ever so hard to offend the salivating hordes, scoring instead some scattered applause, a very small moshpit, and a mass exodus (pun intended!) to the courtyard to escape the cacophony. Even Exodus co-founder and thrash Demi-God Gary Holt preferred to listen from behind the courtyard’s brick wall, and was happy to shake hands and pose for photos with the crowd with no sign of rock star ego at all.


Seriously though, no regular metal gig goer is actually going to be offended by this schtick, so repeatedly screeching “Do you wanna hear something really fuckin’ SICK” just comes across as a tedious act from a bunch of wannabe teenagers.


After an interminably long wait, a succession of guitar tech riffs alternated with mellow Sunday-morning-coming-down tunes to generate waves of false hope to the eager crowd.


Finally EXODUS hit the stage to the acoustic intro of The Ballad of Leonard and Charles from latest release Exhibit B and set the tone for the night with this tale of depraved serial killers followed by Beyond the Pale and Iconoclasm and the throng are savaged by the brutality of this trio of seven minute long songs before the band take a breather.



The older fans who expected a nostalgia trip would be sorely mistaken as Exodus' newer material is as relevant as ever in this era of 'New Thrash' and Rob Dukes gravel throated wailing would have been lost on those not familiar with the Band's entire catalogue as they forged ahead with Children of a Lesser God from Exhibit A. On the small confines of the Amplifier stage being able to witness up close Gary Holt's effortless mastery of his chosen weapon as he threw it in the air and let it float back into his hands without missing a note was indeed a special moment. The sound, support band please note, was loud, crystal clear, and not in any way painful. Lee Altus provided the twin guitar grunt getting his share of the solo work while Tom Hunting was metronomic with his precise drumming in sync with Jack ' Stoner ' Gibson's throbbing bass runs.


“So who’s going to work with a hangover tomorrow? Hey if you gotta go to work you might as well do it with a hangover, right?” Dukes quipped.


The crowd relished the old school thrash and the moshpit pulsated like a many armed beast, bodies flailing left and right in the small venue. The potency of the fierce circle pit is diminished somewhat when one guy steps out and bobs down to tie his laces.


Piranha from their seminal debut album Bonded by Blood came and went in a flash, Deathamphetamine, the excellent Blacklist and War is My Shepherd followed as Exodus kept the intensity in the red zone.



Holt shreds and happily steps centre stage to lap up the limelight regularly, while the rest of the band kind of just hold it down very well – rocking hard but with little extrovert personality on display. It his pretty much his party nowadays…


'New' singer since 2005 Rob Dukes did his best to fill in a lengthy guitar repair break with his trippy sense of humour - “After the show I’m gonna take 2 valium and jerk off and see if I can finish before I fall asleep” was just one classic as he rapidly said “Shit I’ve never had to talk this long before!”


Heading into the home straight with Strike of the Beast ( and a mini wall of death to amuse the by now rapturous disciples ), the classic Bonded by Blood with it's anthemic chorus raising the bar even further and the set peaked with their closest thing to a 'hit' The Toxic Waltz as the ferocious pit revolved around the brick pillar in the centre of the room with The Rockpit team in the eye of the storm juggling their drinks with varying levels of success ( Jacks and Coke cologne for one S Rockpit !). New track Good Riddance finished of the thrash clinic with style and the band " bid Adios to this fucking world now DIE .."


Exodus have proved themselves as flyers of the flag, faithfully and staunchly refusing for near on thirty years to bow to changing trends or sacrifice their thrash vision for record sale success. Of course diehard fans will know they have suffered casualties along the way (neophytes should tune into the excellent documentary “GET THRASHED” to catch up on the back story).


Gary Holt (centre) with The Rockpit's Metal Billy & Magpie Pete

They may not be one of the Big 4 but Exodus deserve their place in Metal Lore as a trailblazer for extreme music and the current crop of new bands adopting the thrash style should bow down and pay homage to the legacy that Exodus will leave behind, but one feels that Mr Holt and his cohorts will still be melting faces for a while to come.


The Verdict - An old school electric pummelling of the senses!!

1 . The Ballad of Leonard and Charles
2. Beyond The Pale
3. Iconoclasm
4. Children of a Worthless God
5. Piranha
6. Deathamphetamine
7. Blacklist
8. War Is My Shepherd
9. Strike of the Beast
10.Bonded by Blood
11.The Toxic Waltz
12.Good Riddance