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Released August 2010 (Europe)


Few bands have had more set backs and line up changes than Enuff Z`Nuff but after 26 years they are still going strong. Six years after the "?" album and a year after it`s Japanese release, Dissonance gets it`s European release through the fantastic Rock Candy label. The band now features Donnie and Chip, and here they are joined none other than by Jake E. Lee on lead guitar.


The opening track DISSONANCE still has the familar feel but harks after a more modern sound. FINE LINE is classic Z'Nuff with typical John Lennon sounding vocals. LAZY DAZY is built on a fat riff with a Beatles sound all the way through it. ROLLAWAY continues the classic feel and is a real highlight of the album.


The pace picks up with the up tempo HIGH. It may not be the catchiest of tracks here but has a cracking guitar sound to it. PLAYGROUND is another highlight, a lot of fun with a great chorus; it gets better every time you hear it. SOMETIMES which slows the pace down a bit, is pretty cool while JONI LYNN that follows is the most emotional track on the album covering Donnie`s marriage break up.


CHICAGO, the last track on the album proper, features Chip on lead vocals. It's cool, there are lyrically plenty of name checks for other cities; a nice fun track to end the album with.


The extras start with CODE RED. It is the first of two previously unreleased studio outtakes. The other is RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Both are bouncy and typical Enuff Z`Nuff ditties which wouldn`t be out of place on an album in their own right. Sandwiched inbetween is a cover of WHEN DOVES CRY which begins strangely then continues like the original and with a great vocal from Donnie: A few crunching guitars are added and the result is very impressive.


Enuff Z`Nuff has been a very consistent band and while few albums are better (or worse) than others, they have never released a really poor album. Here`s to the next one.