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You have to love this man’s day job as producer of some of the best Swedish Sleaze music to come out over the last few years. Unsurprisingly then, this album mines a similar vein. The question is does Chris strike gold as an artist as regularly as he seems to as a producer?


The short answer is not quite, but in places- wow! Though the album is undoubtedly one of quality, especially in the production department, there is just not quite enough to make this a classic. Saying that, in places it really shines.


Songs like the title track and “I Had Enuff” tick all the boxes without lighting any real fires. But for a man with what seems like talent to burn; occasionally in the lyrical department; things are just a bit sloppy. I’m sure he can come up with better lyrics than: “Hey, hey you’re gonna be a rockstar. Hey, hey ‘cause baby that is what you are. Hey, hey you can be a rockstar too.”


Maybe I’m being a little unfair there? In my defence I could point you to a good few recently produced Chris Laney albums that are better and that is unfortunately how I have to judge this one.


Elsewhere though there’s not a lot else wrong. Sure Mr Laney isn’t the best vocalist you will hear all year, but he writes songs that sound great even if they don’t always have the catchiest or most memorable lyrics.  


“Love so Bad” two songs in is one of my highlights, it’s not original, recalls Britny Fox, Kiss or even Quiet Riot with an eastern tinge. Very nice.  


Staples like “Eyes are Poppin’” “Gotta Run” and “Crush” are solid enough, particularly “Gotta Run” which is almost like good Bryan Adams in feel: and “Crush” that has a sort of melodic pop Motley meets Ratt vibe with a funky bass-line.


The real surprise packet though is the absolutely wonderful “One Kiss Tonight” which drips pure 80’s melodic hard rock DNA and sits on top of a beautiful chorus. It just makes you marvel at what this man is capable of. “Playing With Fire” comes close to reaching the same level but falls just slightly short.


If you liked Chris debut album “Pure” in 2009, then this is a better album. Hell I would buy it for just one song: “One Kiss Tonight”…. But believe me there’s a lot more on here to like and it is a grower.