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Power pop with both feet planted proudly in the garage, The Chevelles have been releasing the perfect antidote to grey days for twenty years now, and “Accelerator” shows they have plenty more life in them yet.


This, their fifth full length studio album, is their second to be released on guitarist/actor Little Steven’s (Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, The Sopranos) Wicked Cool Records, and the band head to The States for a month long tour, including another appearance at the famed South X South West music conference where they hae rpeiously broken attendance and bar records. Following this The Chevelles round out a very busy 2010 with a tour of Austrralia’s East Coast then Europe.


In Duane Smith & Adrian Allen the band have 2 songwriters who can unlock melodies as cannily as Brian Wilson, and all their tunes have the extraordinary ability to bring the sun out on a cloudy day. This is joyous, sunny, dancing rock music – with raucous, cutting, fuzzed out guitars ensuring the lush harmonies never get too saccharine.


In addition to slow burning ballad ‘Goodbye’, which grows on you with every listen, “Accelerator” is wall to wall with highlights including revved up roadsters ‘Get It On’, ‘Wake Up Suzy’ and ‘Stacey loves Cocaine’. ‘Come Back to Me’ could be The Beatles jamming on a Beach Boys riff, ‘Summer Fun’ is the soundtrack to the best day at the beach with friends you ever had, and ‘Barbarella’ is an icily cool tale of a psychotic space murder romp.


Most of the songs here inhabit a world of teenage love and hot rods, and even darker subject matter like ‘Stacey Loves Cocaine’ and ‘Barbarella’ can’t fail to brighten the mood with their Beach Boys harmonies.


“Accelerator” is custom made to be listened to in a huge old Chevy with the top down while driving too fast* with your best girl – it’s a hugely enjoyable celebration of love and life and there’s not too many records you can say that about.


“Hip garage rock n roll”, it says on the accompanying bio, and that’s spot on. Highly recommended.


*The Rockpit does not condone breaking the speed limit, or breaking any other laws as we are paragons of virtue and any references to the contrary are purely for literary effect. We strongly suggest you do not try this at home. Or on a road. At least not while anyone is looking.


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