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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

Bullet for My Valentine

Challenge Stadium, Perth Sunday 5-9-10
by Metal Billy

Supports - Cancer Bats , Bring Me The Horizon

Entering Challenge Stadium as Cancer Bats belted out Dead Wrong from their latest release, we had to check our ticket to make sure it was not an under 18's only gig as there was a multitude of whippersnappers jumping about to CB's riff heavy / shout-out brand of Hardcore noise. We hastily retreated to the sparsely populated bar area for a few bevvies and waited it out while BMTH continued the hardcore assault with circle pits and walls of death giving the youngsters plenty of reason to get their shirts off and sweat profusely to the bemusement of the more seasoned members of the crowd. Suffice to say the repetitive breakdowns and shout outs started to induce yawns amongst the Rockpit Crew.


When the stage was unveiled to reveal Moose Thomas' massive drum kit, steel ramps and a huge BMFV backdrop, the sizeable crowd went berserk as Matt Tuck and his Welsh cohorts tore into Your Betrayal followed by Fever and we were into full on Metal-mode with BMFV mixing up thrashier numbers such as Waking The Demon with earlier material Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow and crowd favourite 4 Words with bassist Jay James growling backup vocals providing the grunt to Tuck's smoother delivery.


Bullet For My Valentine ( and other bands such as Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium ) attract derision from the old school quarter for cleverly mixing Maiden / Metallica influenced riffage & twin guitar solos and melodies with Hardcore-influenced repeated backing vocals and angst-ridden lyrics but these guys can play it loud and fast and Matt Tuck can hold a tune which sets them apart from the current crop of hardcore / metalcore bands of today with Thomas and James providing a solid backline for the wailing guitars of Tuck and Paget.

With a massive circle pit forming on the floor complete with the shirtless brigade practising Tai Chi moves in the centre, the atmosphere was intense as Tuck adopted the Hetfield stance at the top of the ramps as they ploughed through Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow, The Last Fight and Scream, Aim, Fire with a Michael Paget solo spot in the midst of it all allowing the crowd a short breather. Returning for an encore of Alone, Begging For Mercy and concluding the show with the classic Hand of Blood from their early EP, BFMV bid the now exhausted throng adieu with the news that they would return in March 2011 for the Soundwave Festival.


Arguably the best British Metal band to emerge this decade, Bullet for My Valentine are at the peak of their powers and showed the support bands what is required to make the leap into the 'majors' and there is no reason why this band can't keep the momentum going.


As Mark Rockpit and myself left the venue we wondered if the essence of youth that had permeated the atmosphere inside Challenge had somehow had a softening effect on our grizzled visages as we were handed a brochure warning of the dangers of Internet predators - or did we just look like creepy middle aged men ?

The verdict : A very enjoyable gig - 4 out of 5

Set List
1. Your Betrayal
2. Fever
3. Waking The Demon
4. All These Things I Hate ( Revolve Around You )
5. Tears Don't Fall
6. Pleasure and Pain
7. 4 Words ( To Choke Upon )
8. Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow
- Guitar Solo -
9. The Last Fight
10.Say Goodnight
11.Scream Aim Fire


12. Alone
13. Begging For Mercy
14. Hand of Blood