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Demos from the ‘After the Rain’ era have been doing the rounds for a while now in one form or another but the great news now is that Frontiers has brought a good slice of the 60-70 or so pre-After the Rain demos together to show you what a great body of music Nelson had put together to offer for the Geffen prior to that first release.


These then are a combination of the songs from the sixteen track demo that got John Kalodner excited and then some. But don’t expect this to sound like a demo, the production is a little less layered, sure, but the sound is great. 


Of course the demos of the songs that made it onto ‘After the Rain’ shine through and it’s great to hear them as they were originally recorded. What might come as a surprise to some is the quality of the other tracks here.


Of the new tracks, along with the slow building ‘Senorita’; ‘That’s Love’ is a prime example of a song that was surely good enough to make it to the final cut. It’s all trademark harmonies and driving rhythm. But I think it’s ‘You’re all I Need Tonight’ that takes it for me at the moment it’s a truly great song.


Of the rest: ‘I Wish’ is perhaps a little too similar to superior songs like ‘Bits and Pieces’ with a slightly less addictive chorus; ‘Avalon’ is an acoustic-led pop tune that reflects an earlier age of great singer-songwriters, deceptively simple and very catchy.


‘Runnin’ Outta Time (The Silence is Broken)’ takes a heavier route but still retains the trademark melody. It’s not the same song as the title track to the ‘The Silence is Broken’ album.


Talking to Gunnar earlier in the year I knew we were in for something special here and the twins don’t disappoint. It’s a big year for Nelson with the incredibly strong ‘Lightning Strikes Again’ already on the shelves and this collection as well as upcoming vintage live set ‘The Perfect Storm’ ready at the start of December.


Frontiers and Nelson have made it a year to remember for fans of the band and for lovers of great melodic rock in general. Stick them on your Christmas list!