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10 DECEMBER 2010




Seven Bridges Road

How Long

Busy Being Fabulous

I Don't Want To Hear Any More

Guilty Of The Crime

Hotel California

Peaceful Easy Feeling

I Can't Tell You Why

Witchy Woman

Lyin' Eyes

Boys Of Summer

Long Run

No More Walks In The Woods

Waiting In The Weeds

No More Cloudy Days

Love Will Keep Us Alive

Take It To The Limit

Long Road Out Of Eden

Walk Away

One Of These Nights

Life's Been Good

Dirty Laundry

Funk 49

Heartache Tonight

Life In The Fast Lane

Take It Easy

Rocky Mountain Way



You know the ME or NIB stadium in Perth is a pretty shitty place to see a band, I get the feeling that the events coordinators there just don’t care. Always understaffed it is hard to buy a beer without missing three songs (bars in view of the stage anyone?) similarly the attitude towards taking the odd snap is beyond belief, I, twenty rows back am threatened not asked by a security guard to put away my phone (I was actually taking a call!) whilst a, granted more attractive and more scantily clad (and yes she was younger too) female is videoing the entire song from what must be a good five metres away! I point in her general direction and the manly and obviously intelligent goon picks on another unwitting male patron. I hear later that people even nearer the stage are being treated like kids too, I wish people would just see sense and let it go like they do in the US either that or have the same rule for all.


Ranting aside it is after all the sound that matters most and thankfully they get that right at the venue at least (not that they have anything to do with the sound of course). Six years ago I missed out on the Eagles ‘Farewell’ concert but looking onstage they all seem to be still there, maybe this is the ‘I just came back for my coat’ leg of the Tour?


The Eagles is just one of those bands everyone must see like Fleetwood Mac, The Stones, The Who and all those other great stadium-fillers of years gone by. Musically tonight the Eagles are pretty much flawless: Frey, Walsh, Henley and the ever-youthful and full-maned Tim Schmit do an amazing job for men in their sixties and the hits are as far as I can tell note-perfect renditions. Whether you are a huge fan of the Eagles or not seems irrelevant tonight the crowd are enjoying themselves and the music is so smooth and laid-back. Soon you find yourself singing along to every word and the music just washes over us all. The between song banter seems a little rehearsed but the anecdotes are at least interesting no matter how many times they’ve been told and the crowd loves it.


The quality of the musicianship and the songs are enough to make you feel that you are back there in that warm California night where this all began. This may be nostalgia but it makes you feel great, the harmonies seem almost capable of transporting you anywhere. Sure there are some less than classic songs in the setlist but they are more than outweighed by the classics.


I see people crying when they play ‘Hotel California’ and there are lots of older couples especially looking into each other’s eyes. Get to see this show its timeless, flawless perfection with no energy required! ‘Desperado’ did it for me and it reminds me of the third album I ever bought: Eagles Greatest hits volume 1 (with the skull on the cover). A great night and one for the bucket list.