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Shane rockpit finds out more about pyramid of the coyote with singer GARY CORNELL



Hey Gary - thanks for talking to The Rockpit!


How did Pyramid Of The Coyote come together?


Pyramid Of The Coyote formed in November 2009. It had been over 10 years in the making for me and Kely [“Kaos” Barcia – guitar]. We’d tried for many years to put a band together but it just never seemed to work - we had more success playing in other bands than with each other! I joined Lost Saints three years prior and was doing really well until the alcohol and drugs took its toll on the members and a punch up between the drummer and the bass player all but ended it.


It was then that I heard that Kely had teamed up with drummer Scott [“Sir Schizo” Armstrong] and they were working on songs. After I checked it out I knew they were onto something and jumped in head first! Shortly after, Scott got his mate, Benny Bulldog, to pick up a bass and join the team. Ben was a drummer until he joined us and has been working his ass off to be as good as he is already!



Where did the unusual name come from?


The name came from a vision that Ben had after eating some great cookies and watching an episode of The Simpsons.


How would you describe your sound?


Our sound is a mix of influences from Rage Against The Machine & Audioslave, to Chili Peppers, Offspring, Ugly Kid Joe, Janes Addiction etc. We’re a high energy rock band with groove! We try to make each song as unique as possible, we’re not worried about capturing one sound as US – we’re more interested in making each song as good as we can!


Thankyou Mandy Av and Vixenpix


I believe some old band mates have made some claims about songwriting credits - what can you tell us about this?


As far as claims on our songs, yes, Self Made Guru have made claims that we stole the intro to one of their songs. Firstly we never did and never would. Secondly the way they went about it was just poor form. We would’ve happily sat down with them and gone through it all if they had’ve brought it to our attention when they first noticed it, which was 15th May this year. Instead they waited till the night we had finished the CD and then sent me a message with the concern. We were devastated at first but after comparing the two songs we were totally happy they were different enough. Anyway let’s just say we won't be having much more to do with that band - so much for being mates!


What in your life has led you into the murky world of rock?


Rock for me has been a passion since I could walk. I was playing drums since the age of three, rocking out to Dad’s vinyl listening to The Beatles, CCR, Deep Purple, T-Rex etc. At the age of 10 I was one of the first kids in WA to win a music scholarship. I went on to play trumpet and violin as well as drums and also sung in school choirs. It was in my first years of high school that I got my first taste of playing in a rock band and loved it way more than the choirs and orchestra's! Mum and Dad weren't so keen but Dad still bought me a drum kit none the less!! I walked away from music when I left high school at 16 and it wasn't till I was 22 that I met my best mate Kely and he made me swear that I would buy a drum kit and get back into it. So really it’s all his fault [laughs].



What has rock n' roll taught you?


Rock has taught me not to take anything for granted and that mediocre will never do - especially on stage and in the studio. Bands are fricken hard work and unless you’re willing to bust your ass it will never be rewarding. I also learnt that chasing big dollars is not what it’s about. The buzz of writing a good song as a team and performing it to an audience that like it, is what it’s all about!


Thanks Mandy Av and Vixenpix


What's next for Pyramid of The Coyote?


We are taking it one step at a time as a band. We’re happy to build our profile from Perth for the time being and create a solid fan base. We would love to play festivals and hopefully do a full album next year. Anything else is a bonus! The ultimate dream would be to do this fulltime but we are in no rush!


Is there one song or album you wish you could've had a hand in creating?


If there was an album I wish I was part of it would be “Blood Sugar Sex Magic” [Red Hot Chilli Peppers for anyone who has lived in a cave for twenty years]. I was 15 when I first heard it and just fell in love with this crazy funky band!! It’s still one of the few albums I can play start to finish!

And as we ask all our interviewees - what for you is the meaning of life?


The meaning of life to me is making the most of every moment, always giving without expecting anything in return and continually pushing limits and boundaries! Unconditional love to all around you. This will bring you happiness and make your life fulfilling!


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Shane Rockpit

October 2010