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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

Greg Yarbrough (AKA Rip Ryder) Interviews

Saving Abel at Rocklahoma 2010

Interviewer: Greg Yarbrough


Saving Abel is;
• Jared Weeks - lead vocals
• Jason Null - lead guitar, backing vocals
• Scott Bartlett - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
• Eric Taylor - bass guitar
• Blake Dixon – drums

Greg - The new single ‘Stupid Girl’ is great. Is it a good representation of the “Miss America” album or can we expect something a little heavier on the full length release?

SA - There will be a few songs that are heavier, but the majority of the material is much more versatile, and a couple that could be considered ‘racy’!

Greg - Racy?

SA - Yeah, some of the lyrics may not be ‘radio friendly’…[smiles]

Greg - There are a few great Southern tinged melodic alt-rock bands around at the moment, Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry and many more - is the South rising again?


SA - Absolutely! More and more bands are coming out of the South, so there is a helluva lot more representation now than ever before. Bands like Three Doors Down and Sevendust, who are both playing here this weekend, are also from The South, so bands from that region are definitely making an impact on the music scene.


Greg - ‘New Tattoo’ has to be one of the catchiest songs of the last few years, is there a new ‘New Tattoo’ on the next CD?


SA - As a matter of fact, there is one particular song! It is called ‘Mississippi Moonshine’ and it will definitely catch your ear and make you tap your foot!




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