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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world

Greg Yarbrough (AKA Rip Ryder) Interviews

The Nigel Dupree Band at Rocklahoma 2010

Interviewer: Greg Yarbrough
Photographer: Jessica Yarbrough


Nigel Dupree – Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar
Adam Townsend - Drums
Josh Hilton – Bass


Hey rockers, this is Rip Ryder out here at Rocklahoma for THE ROCKPIT.NET and I am out here with Nigel Dupree and the boys. Tell me who you are and what do you do.


AT-Adam Townsend and I play drums


ND-Nigel Dupree, lead singer and vocals…I do lead singer on vocals and guitar; I do all three.


JH-Josh Hilton and I play bass.


Greg - Excellent! Well, tell me about you guys; how long have you been together, etcetera


ND - We have been together, I guess about 2-3 years now; we’ve been out for a year supporting our record “Attraction”, which is out on iTunes, on MySpace and all of that. We are staying true to the rock n’ roll roots, you know? We are going with the 80’s rock sound; people say we are like Motley Crue meets AC/DC.


Greg - Nice


ND -…we’re huge fans of KISS, all the bands I just listed; Bon Jovi, Tesla, Cinderella [throws horns], who I am more than excited to see tonight!


Greg - Me too, especially since they cancelled last time [due to Tom Keifer’s medical problems]


ND - Those are the bands that we always had in common, and we are keeping rock and roll alive.


Greg - How has Jesse James [Dupree, lead singer for Jackyl and Nigel’s father] influenced you?


ND - Well, obviously he is my father and growing up around him and the music biz, I knew as I got older what I wanted to do for a living!


Greg - Adam; who were your influences?


AT - Tommy Lee, definitely, and Terry Bozzio are two of my favorites…


Greg - And what about you Josh?


JH – Well, a little bit of everything, but I think there is something to learn from any musician out there, but I like KISS and Fuel and pretty much everything in between.


Greg - Alright guys, give me your impression of Rocklahoma 2010…you guys have never been here, right?


ND - No, this is our first year and I have been tortured because Jackyl has played here for the past 2 or 3 years AND have played Bikelahoma….


Greg - Yup, they have played every year and I haven’t missed ‘em yet!


ND - …and I never get to come! So, this year I finally get to come and Dad’s not here to watch me [laughs] but, I am having a blast and last night we got to see Godsmack and Three Days Grace and [pointing to Josh] he’s pumped up for Fuel, and we snuck in the back this morning and watched ZZ Top and Cinderella load in and we are geeking out on the gear back there, so I know I am excited and I know they are too.


Greg - Well, Nigel Dupree, thanks for giving me some time today and have a great day!


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