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Greg Yarbrough (AKA Rip Ryder) Interviews

LACUNA COIL at rocklahoma 2010

Interviewer: Greg Yarbrough

Current members
• Cristina Scabbia - vocals
• Andrea Ferro - vocals
• Cristiano "Pizza" Migliore - guitar
• Marco "Maus" Biazzi - guitar
• Marco Coti Zelati - bass guitar, keyboards
• Cristiano "Criz" Mozzati - drums, percussion

Greg - The last few years seem to have seen a real increase in touring activity worldwide. With “Shallow Life” cracking the US Top 20 it all seems to be paying off. What is the next step in the plan for world domination?


Maus -[chuckles] World Domination? That sounds very, very…


GY - Ominous?


Maus - …[laughs] Yeah ok, well what are we gonna do? Yeah. Well, as you said, we keep touring and actually we have about a week left on this tour in The States and we are going to finish it in Seattle and then we are going to cover some different territories that we have never had a chance to make, for example after Seattle we are going down to Mexico City and then for the first time in our career, we are going to play South America, and all of those countries, like Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia…it is going to be a very good occasion for us to show our music to some different people. I am sure they are going to like because since we started touring with this band we have been asked so many times from people in South America to come over there because not a lot of bands tour there, and I think it will be a good occasion for us. After that I think we are going to take a break and go to Italy for a couple months and then we are going to finish it in Japan and UK again doing a few, about 12 or so ‘mini secret’ shows and then start on a new album and hopefully start recording at the beginning of next year.


Greg - That sounds like you are covering the whole globe! Well, is based out of Australia; have you all ever had a chance to get down there?


Maus - Yeah, we have been there twice I think; the first time was with Dave Mustaine and Megadeth for the Gigantour it was probably three of four years ago and a very good time, except for the fact that the travel was so fucking long it was a never ending flight, but Australia is so beautiful just a little bit too far away, but we had a good time. The last time was the Soundwave tour, which is another festival going around Australia and with other bands like In Flames, Devildriver, you know those kinds of bands so uh, it was a good occasion to meet them as well.


Greg - How do you think your music has changed over the years? There’s a definite Eastern sound to “Shallow Life” is that something you will take further?


Maus - After a few years, personal tastes are different, in terms of music, so we are always trying to collect inspiration from for example, other bands that we tour with; we have got a lot of inspiration from the states, because we used to tour here a lot, like a lot of times, like eight months at a time, but the next record I think we should try to take another step forward, not back…


Greg - to try and evolve a little bit more as a group?


Maus -Yeah, but I cannot tell you which direction we are going [in] because we have to sit down and talk about what kind of music we like to play, that is important, but we need to have fun with the music that we perform live, and that is very important…


Greg - Because if it is not fun, it turns into a grind, and eventually turns into burn out…


Maus - Yeah, and [it is because we still have fun with the music] that is why we are still existing after so many years, like 13 or 14 years, so that is why the band is still growing [creatively]


Greg - You’ve played a lot of festivals over the last few years. What has been the highlight so far?


Maus - Oh fuck yeah, one of the festivals that I will never forget is the Wacken Open Air festival, which is in Germany [Maus did not say what year he was referring to since Lacuna Coil has played the Wacken Open Air festival numerous times], Download Festival [2005] and I am talking about having in front of you on the main stage 100,000 people jumping and screaming in front of you at the same time and it is actually no bullshit and because you can go on YouTube and search that fucking festival and see the reaction from the crowd. Another good festival was the Download Festival in the U.K.; 80,000 people; crazy festival!


Greg - I can’t even imagine how that gets your adrenaline flowing…


Maus - Yeah, and actually you can look out and cannot see the end of it; it’s an ocean! You can only see the first 20 rows, you know…another good memory is the first Ozzfest we did in 2004 playing on the second stage with Slipknot, Lamb of God and all these other kinds of bands and Ozzfest from 2006 on the main stage with System of a Down, Disturbed; lot of great bands…it is something unique for a band coming from Italy and I am very proud of what we are doing and it is something we want to keep real.


Greg - Thanks Maus and congratulations on all of your success!


Maus - thanks!




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