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On set for the Babyjane ‘Are You Listening’

Video shoot

2nd November 2010


Twilight trickled through the beautiful stained glass window behind the altar in Fremantle town square’s 130 year old St John’s church and bathed Babyjane in it’s glow as the band ran through their lead single and title track of their debut album “Are You Listening”.



No fear though - the band haven’t become religious overnight, and they’ve not taken to staging coup d’etat’s on ancient houses of worship – the boys have set their stage gear up in the church’s Chancel to film their first ever music video!


The band were laughing and enjoying a few ice cold Heinekens while director/filmographer Derek set up the equipment for the first wide shot of the evening as Mark Rockpit and I arrived.


Derek ran the boys through a couple of long shots to this rocking blast from their album, then some close-ups of singer/rhythm guitarist Andy Smith singing along to the track, then again while Derek carried the camera around for another take, focussing on each of the guys one by one.


This last take met with a round of applause from several worshippers who had entered the church, either for a quick prayer or attracted by the rocking tune playing over and over!


In between takes we learnt that this was a last minute choice of location – the original location (let’s just say the venue name is diametrically opposite the heavenly location tonight!) was locked in for weeks but the day before the shoot the owner demanded a hefty sum for the privilege – a sum the boys couldn’t come up with nor thought was fair.



After a quick break, drummer Nik Kats started breaking his kit down, while lead guitarist John Gerasolo readied himself for shooting the guitar solo. With Andy and bassist Paul Judge perched atop the pews in this hallowed hall, John did a couple of takes walking up and down the aisle playing the blistering solo to the song.


The boys chatted amongst themselves for a while about some extra shots and Mark & I were flattered to be asked for our opinions, offering up a suggestion or two. Andy climbed into the lectern to deliver a quick chorus in a couple of takes; church caretaker Donald filmed a cameo intro piece, proving himself a natural!



Finally there were a couple of shots filmed around the church’s heavy wooden doors to finish up before Derek packed up and headed off to begin the laborious editing process.


We enjoyed another beer with the boys as they filled us in on their upcoming plans and joked about a "Director's cut" DVD of the shoot! The album, mixed by legendary producer Michael Wagener in Nashville, will not be officially released until 2011, but 20th November will see a gig at The Civic hotel with up and comers Ragdoll, which will act as a pre-release party for the album, and they will have about 100 collector’s edition copies of the CD available for purchase on the night.


The album is sure to put these guys in high demand around the country and, hopefully, the world – so if you’re in Perth in a few weeks you’d better catch them while you can! In the meantime, keep an eye on the band’s Facebook page and The Rockpit for news on when the video will be premiered.


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Shane Rockpit