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Tyketto Reach Review

Release Date: October 14th 2016


In my humble opinion Tyketto was one of the best Hard Rock bands of the eighties no question about it, and their debut album 'Don't Come Easy' has always sat comfortably in my all-time Top 10. It's been 25 years since that release this year and Tyketto has just released an album that almost equals it. Everyone by now will have heard the glorious single and title track 'Reach' a song so catchy and melodic it will have you singing along by the first chorus, but it's the depth and passion that follows that make this album a true great.

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With new members Ged Rylands (keys), Chris Childs (bass) and Chris Green (guitar) joining founder members, the golden voiced Danny Vaughn and powerhouse drummer Michael Clayton Arbeeny, Tyketto 2016 is a band to be reckoned with. From the first notes of rocker 'Big Money', which displays a remarkable sure-footed maturity and wonderful breakdown you know that this is going to be something special and by the time third track 'Kick Like a Mule' has played out you are hooked.

Tyketto always had that ability to put together a great song with huge hooks and memorable melodies but this incarnation of the band just seems to be bestowed with a real relentless drive that we caught glimpses of on comeback album 2012's 'Dig In Deep'.

After the relentless drive of 'Kicks Like a Mule' we get the mellow melodies and orchestration of 'Circle the Wagons' which is a nice change of pace and really brings out the sweet texture of Vaughn's vocals. 'I Need It Now' is the sort of song most Melodic Rock bands would kill for, all laid back cool, and with a stuttering guitar line that drives the song to an infectious chorus, it's huge! 'Tearing Down the Sky' is maybe even better, vintage Tyketto with a trademark slow build, great vocals and perfectly balanced guitar. By the half-way mark you'll already be more than satisfied.

The second half of the album begins with the sweeping ballad 'Letting Go' a song that has single written all over it and stands shoulder to shoulder with Tyketto's best zippo-waving moments. It's a song that gets better with every listen as the lyrics take hold. 'The Fastest Man Alive' offers up another change of pace, mid-tempo, driven by drums and a dirty guitar sound it shimmies into town, picks up pace and walks all over your speakers in a sea of blistering guitar and swaggering melody. 'Remember My Name' that follows comes in all atmospheric with harmonica and a sweet groove before a soaring chorus seeps you up and carries you away, it's another sure-fire winner.

The album doesn't once dip in quality either 'Sparks Will Fly' is one of my favourite tracks here, bristling with cool and topped with a searing chorus that Vaughn makes his own. Next up 'Scream' the other big ballad here delivers plenty of emotional punch before album closer 'The Run' rounds out in style, opening up all warm and acoustic before building and growing into a great Tyketto-style anthem. It's stunning.

Tyketto 2016 is simply in the form of their lives, if you didn't get onboard back in the day the now's your chance to discover one of the best bands of the eighties alive and very much kicking 25 years after their debut.

Big Money
Kick Like A Mule
Circle The Wagons
I Need It Now
Tearing Down The Sky
Letting Go
The Fastest Man Alive
Remember My Name
Sparks Will Fly
The Run

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Review by Mark Rockpit