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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world
Trivium - Live Review
W/ Orpheus Omega
Metropolis, Fremantle
April 10th 2016


It's been a pretty good year so far as far as bands hitting the west coast of Australia first on major tours. Trivium were the latest band to hit Fremantle this time and West Australian fans caught a glimpse of the band first on the "Silence In The Snow" tour.


Local act Make Way For Man scored the opening slot for the show in Freo and showcased what Perth can offer in the way of heavy music. But it was Melbourne metallers Orpheus Omega who was the most impressionable and a band who are steadily climbing the 'metal ladder'. Having only been to Perth recently on the back of their latest album "Partum Vita Mortem", it was nice to see the 5 piece back our way so soon. Playing tracks off the latest offering plus a smattering of older material, the band impressed the Freo crowd especially on their last track "Sealed In Fate" which is easily one of the better songs this band has put out so far. A disappointing sound quality marred the set but the band plowed through it like pros, they are a band to watch for in coming years.

Trivium are no strangers to Australia, they are regulars to these shores every couple of years and even a staple on the now defunct Soundwave Festival. Having only seen Trivium in a festival setting on previous attendances (not counting certain Rockpit staff who have seen them in double digits!) it was great to see this band in a club setting, the smaller venues are just a breath of fresh air as the focus is entirely on Trivium and noone else. Plus we get a longer set which is always a bonus!

Speaking of the set, Trivium are touring in support of their latest album "Silence In The Snow" which had a healthy part on the setlist. From album opener and title track which also led the setlist to "Blind Leading The Blind", a chunk of the album was splattered through out the set which if you are a fan of the new stuff then you would be super stoked to see. It may not have the same guitar driven riffs or loud growly vocals of earlier albums but it had the groove and the beat to keep your head moving nonetheless. "Into The Mouth Of Hell We March" off the "Shogun" album was an early surprise and the super hooky "Strife" was a highlight but nothing screamed rock n' roll more than the now classic "Anthem (We Are The Fire)" off The Crusade album. The blend of old school and modern metal is what Trivium do best and they blend it damn well.

Further into the night as the fairly packed crowd started to sweat it all out in the moshpit in front of Matt Heafy and the rest of the gang, "Down From The Sky" sparked a second wind from the crowd as the band tore it up and the brilliant "Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr" which essentially pushed the band into the mainstream years ago and who many people like myself discovered Trivium through this song, was a welcome addition that ended the main part of the set before the encore rolled in. Only 1 encore song - "In Waves" - which was preceeded by the instrumental and melodic "Capsizing The Sea", was the final say from Trivium for the night but what a night it was. Aside from a slightly disappointing sound from the house PA, it was a great show and Trivium looked like they were having a blast and it showed through their performance. A truly class act!


Sunday, 10th April - Metropolis, Fremantle
Monday, 11th April - HQ, Adelaide
Tuesday, 12th April - 170 Russell, Melbourne
Wednesday, 13th April - 170 Russell, Melbourne
Friday, 15th April - Max Watts, Brisbane
Saturday, 16th April - Roundhouse, Sydney

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Review by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie
Photos by The Buffman