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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world
Scorpions - Live Review
Palais Theatre, Melbourne
October 18th 2016


For Aussie Scorpions fans that have waited patiently for the legendary Germans to hit our shores, last night's performance at a sold out Palais Theatre certainly proved well worth the wait. The band tore through a ripping 100 minutes with an energy and enthusiasm that belied the fact that they're out touring their 50th anniversary. With no support act and hitting the stage bang on the scheduled time of the school friendly 7.45pm, they hit the ground running from the get go and delivered a truly memorable and flawless performance that was constantly captivating.


Going Out With A Bang from most recent album Return To Forever kicked things off and for a venue generally notorious for enforcing a sit in your seat policy, it was great to see Scorp's fans proudly on their feet where they remained for the entire performance. Founding members Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine both rocked with an energy and enthusiasm defying their respective 68 years. Klaus was vocally in full flight all night and who actually counted how many drumsticks he threw into the crowd...28 I think it was? Schenker on the other hand, bounced around the stage tearing through classics on his customary Flying V's, including an acoustic V. Lead guitarist Matthias Jabs, nearing 40 years of service, had numerous moments to shine in the spotlight, with the instrumental Coast To Coast being a highlight for me, albeit a bold setlist choice fourth song in.

A couple of other personal favorites from Return To Forever in We Built This House and Rock 'n' Roll Band blended in seamlessly with the classics and just solidified in my mind that this is a band as utterly essential here in 2016 as they have ever been. No doubt there are many who would have had a lineup of classic songs (eg. Rhythm Of Love) and deep album cuts (eg. Kicks After Six...ok my choice) to insert in the place of the newer tracks, but testimony to the bands legacy that they aren't just reliant on the same tried and tested songs.

The couple of "suites" featured were definite highlights of the night, the first taking things right back to the mid to late 70's with the flat out rockers, Top of the Bill, Steamrock Fever, Speedy's Coming and Catch Your Train delivered back to back. Whilst the acoustic suite scaled back the tempo, crowd vocals were at their peak on Always Somewhere, Send Me An Angel and Wind Of Change, the latter a song still as relevant as a song of hope in 2016, as it was when released back in 1990.

Whilst the Palais is not exactly a small venue, I wasn't quite expecting the bands full stage and light production, which was used to full effect. Having former Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee now in the band, it was no surprise a tribute to Lemmy featured, with the sound cranked up to the customary 11 throughout a storming version of Overkill, featuring a backdrop of Lemmy images. Drum solo...yes of course, we got that too from Dee, with the visual effects throwing up a collage of Scorpions albums covers. An absolutely storming version of Blackout followed, with Schenker firing up a smoking guitar to the backdrop of wailing sirens.

The bond between band and crowd was constant the whole night, with the appreciative words, respect and ever smiling faces of the band, returned by an equally appreciative crowd who sung their lungs out when asked and offered a constant standing ovation. No One Like You, Big City Nights, with an encore of Still Loving You and Rock You Like A Hurricane, saw Scorpions end with a succession of reputation defining songs of the highest order.

With this being the bands only Australian show this time around, there was a promise of a return next year for a more extensive Aussie tour and judging by last nights performance, there's no slowing down these guys anytime soon. A truly memorable night hosted by one of hard rock / heavy metals finest. It really was a case of you're an idiot if you missed it! Concert of the year for me so far!

Going Out With a Bang
Make It Real
The Zoo
Coast to Coast
Top of the Bill / Steamrock Fever / Speedy's Coming / Catch Your Train
We Built This House
Delicate Dance
Always Somewhere
Eye of the Storm
Send Me an Angel
Wind of Change
Rock 'n' Roll Band
Overkill (Motörhead cover)
No One Like You
Big City Nights

Still Loving You
Rock You Like a Hurricane

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Review by Scotty Rock
Photos by SAS75 Photography