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The Rockpit is proud to be a media partner for this year's Metal United Down Under!

Metal United Downunder

The Biggest Date On The Australian Metal Calendar Just Got Bigger
MUDU 2016: Saturday, October 15 2016

Adelaide, Bendigo, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Canberra, Darwin, Gladstone, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Wollongong

Metal United Down Under (MUDU) is a national, all-day event across Australia involving up to 12 cities and over 100 bands all playing under the one banner in a night of united metal!

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The following promoters and venues have been confirmed to host MUDU 2016.

Adelaide: Enigma Bar (promoter - Sedulous Rouse)
Bendigo: Musicman Megastore
Brisbane: The Back Room (Metal Of Honor)
Bundaberg: Railway Hotel
Canberra: The Basement (Chud)
Darwin: Happy Yess (Minute Of Silence)
Hobart: Brisbane Hotel (Tyrant)
Gladstone: The Rocky Glen Hotel (Bent Media)
Melbourne: The Bendigo Hotel (Megaton Music)
Perth: The Civic Hotel (Stormrider Touring)
Sydney: The Bald Faced Stag (Deaf To All But Metal & Metal-Roos)
Wollongong: UOW UniBar

Watch the MUDU 2016 Trailer


2016 sees Metal United Down Under enter its third year and it's stronger than ever! It began life in 2014 with 91 bands in 13 cities and grew to 131 bands in 15 cities in the following year! Making it one of the most ambitious and largest underground music undertakings ever!

From Darwin to Hobart, Perth to Brisbane, cities everywhere put on MUDU shows all on the same night, all in the name of the Australian metal scene. Bands such as Lagerstein, Envenomed, Orpheus Omega, Truth Corroded, Darkc3ll, Our Last Enemy, The Seer, Kyzer Soze, Temtris, Mason, Tyrant and many more were either playing in their own city, travelling to another or even used Metal United Down Under as part of their tour. Some bands used the opportunity to go to a city they hadn't played before, like Adelaide's Sickness, who celebrated their comeback after 15 years at the MUDU Sydney leg, while at the same show, local Sydney band Amortuis made their debut!

In 2016, MUDU aims is to support the nations expansive yet largely still underground, metal scene. The community that exists is as diverse and widespread as our country. Bands, fans, and industry all working together with a common goal, to play as many shows as possible on one night under a united banner! Strengthening the bonds of the scene and making everyone involved feel a part of something bigger than the show they are at. Knowing there are literally thousands of fans watching 100's of bands at the same time is a feeling MUDU wants everyone to experience!

MUDU is such an epic undertaking that it has drawn the coverage and support of metal media outlets around the globe such as, German magazines Legacy and Deaf Forever, International webzines including All Things Metal, Bravewords, East Jakarta Media, Metal Armada, Metalbase India, Metalnewz, Metal Rules, Metal Storm, Metal Temple, Northern Rivers Heavy Metal, SoundZone and Local support comes from The Australian Metal and Rock Institute (ARMI), Battlegod Productions, Blade Promotions & Management, The Drum, Metal Glass Promotions, Tasmanian Metal Syndicate and Ungrateful Dead Promotions

Metal United Downunder

All event updates and complete info, lineups etc can be found at the MUDU pages

MUDU is organised, administered and the brainchild of Metal-Roos