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Mat Sinner Primal Fear - Interview
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Primal Fear

German metallers Primal Fear are about to embark on their very first trip to Australia in their almost 20 year career as a band. Too long if you ask any die hard fan but they are coming and bass player Mat Sinner had a few words to tell us in regards to the tour and their latest album "Rulebreaker".



Currently Primal Fear are on tour in the U.S. with Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, things seem to going well according to Mat.
"So far really cool, we're in the middle of the tour - great vibe between the bands & crew and most important, the band is really playing in top shape!"

The band released their latest album "Rulebreaker" earlier in the year and has enjoyed a great response from both fans and critics alike. As our editor mentioned in his review, '11 albums in and this is how it should be done'. Primal Fear haven't waivered from their sound at all and continue to plug away as always.
"'Delivering The Black' was a very successful album for us, but we never felt a lot of pressure to write new stuff. We did a long tour and had so much nice moments and the song writing for the new album was really flowing, peaceful and creative."

Consistency seems to be the key with the band as Mat points out and it almost has that old school mantra of if it ain't broke, why fix it mentality which clearly works for Primal Fear.
"If you have already written 5 great songs and you are sure they will match the last album then you have the peace to go on and push it even more."

Australian fans finally get a chance to see the band live and while fan favorites will most certainly be in there, the new stuff is anticipated to go over really well too.
"Overall we are still very happy with the new songs and they really kick on stage!"
How many new songs can we expect?
"Five and they're doing great - big challenge, huge energy - really nice feedback by the crowds!"

Touring can take it's toll at times and different bands cope with it in all sorts of ways. Mat believes taking care of yourself as well as working with the right people are very important aspects of being on the road.
"Keeping the energy level high, have enough sleep and local promoters who care and not just being ignorant", very good advice from someone who has been doing it for more than 20 years, both with Primal Fear and before the band where Mat and the other guys were involved in the metal scene for a number of years.

Another problem bands can have though is picking out a setlist, something which is not exactly the worst problem to have but with several albums under the belt over an almost 20 year period, is it a problem nonetheless?
" Yes - always, but we're doing this in a real democratic way and so far it always worked out and we have always the possibility to change some of the songs to make it more interesting even for us."

It's been almost 20 years since the first self titled album came out, what has been the biggest thing Mat has learned as a musician since that time?
"That we've always wanted to deliver music on a high level and quality standard. We accept that the fans who want to see us deserve the best of us, even if we're jet lagged, tired, sick, lazy or what ever - if the intro runs, we need to be 100 percent focused and running wild."


Most people who dream of being in a band do so because they are passionate about the music and there is no job that would satisfy them no matter what. It's one of the toughest things to do and most bands don't make it, Primal Fear did however and performing in front of an audience is something that influenced Mat to be a musician.
"The atmosphere in the audience, to be a rocker is a kind of outlaw - much more interesting than to sit in an office."

Mat goes on when asked what album sits up there for him if he ever had a chance to witness a recording of a band coming up with the magic and fittingly enough with a tour to Australia upon us, he selects one of the great Aussie benchmarks of rock n' roll - Highway To Hell by AC/DC. Doesn't everyone love AC/DC though? And who wouldn't, their influence is massive and despite Primal Fear being a different kind of band, you can hear subtle influences in there for sure.

But more importantly, there must be more to life than just picking up a guitar and playing music. Is there something that we should live by? Mat thinks so when asked what is the meaning of life.
"Doing the things you like and really love"

Couldn't have said it better myself.


Saturday June 11th - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Sunday June 12th - Newtown Social Club, Sydney

Tickets and tour details can be found at Metal Obsession.

Interview by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie on May 2016