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Jeremy Spencer Five Finger Death Punch - Interview
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Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch released their latest album "Got Your Six" to much critical and commercial success in September last year, hitting number 1 on it's first week release making it the most successful album for the band yet. The band hit the road in support of it and are now about to tour Australia supporting the legendary Black Sabbath on their final tour ever. We talk to drummer Jeremy Spencer about the tour, the new songs and what fans can expect down under.



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Andrew: So how's your year been so far?

Jeremy: Oh good man, everything's good! We're home in Vegas and we're taking a little time off before we get busy with this touring season again and so we're just kind of enjoying doing some new practicing and we're starting to get together here and there writing some ideas for some new material. But for the most part we're just relaxing on our time off.

Andrew: Oh right OK! You just had a new album come out just last year so you are busy writing new material again so soon!

Jeremy: Yeah we're just kinda starting, we're not very far along in the process but we always try to keep busy and keep ideas flowing. So we're just getting together here and there from time to time getting started but it's not like a major push for new material right at this point. We're busy touring and still promoting the last record which just came out 6 months ago.

Andrew: Yeah and by the sounds of it, it's been your most successful album so far so you must be pretty happy with how the fans have been receiving it.

Jeremy: Absolutely! I mean we had a really high debut again, we debut number 2...actually number 1 on physical sales in America, that's our first so it's pretty big. Everyone seems to speak highly of the record so it's all we can really ask for. We're really proud of the record, we wanted to kinda make an uptempo, high energy record and we felt that we achieved what we wanted to do and to have it debut so high and have everyone talking about it so highly is really cool.

Andrew: Yeah definitely! It hit number 3 in Australia which is very cool, any kind of heavy music usually doesn't do that well in Australia so pretty exciting. And you guys are coming back to Australia in April as well!

Jeremy: Yeah it's going to be great man, we're excited. I always love playing Australia so it's right around the corner.

Andrew: Yeah that's right. Opening for Black Sabbath, a very cool thing for you guys. You must be pretty excited about that!

Jeremy: Yeah for sure. We're huge Ozzy fans and Sabbath fans, we've been listening to them forever. Part of the reason we do what we do, I mean we're big fans and to be able to finish our show playing for a huge audience and then get to watch them do their thing every night is going to be a whole lot of fun man, because it's their last tour so it's a really special thing because we'll never get to see them again.

Andrew: Yeah that's right. What are your thoughts on Black Sabbath calling it a day?

Jeremy: Well there's always a time, they've been doing it so long, I can see why they're ready to not keep doing the grind of the road. But it's a bummer, it's part of my whole upbringing of music. They were some of the first heavy music I ever got into as a kid so it's kind of weird to see that chapter in my life, but they are a phenomenal band and their history speaks for itself and they are certainly legends and we can't wait to share a stage with them, it's going to be great.

Andrew: So opening for Black Sabbath, will you be catering a setlist to their audience or will you be doing what you normally do on tour?

Jeremy: No we'll just kinda do what we do. Obviously we won't get to play quite as long as we would if it was our own headlining show but we'll try to keep it energy packed and just kinda do what we do and have a lot of fun. I think the crowd, even though they're there for Sabbath, I think they're going to get a good show from us and they're going to have a good time and be ready for Sabbath to hit the stage. But I don't see us catering to an audience, we usually just do what we do.

Andrew: The last time you were in the country was I guess about 2 or 3 years ago for Soundwave Festival right?

Jeremy: Yeah it was like 2 years ago.

Andrew: How was that experience for you? Now that Soundwave is no longer around anymore, what do you remember from your time doing the festival?

Jeremy: Well I just remember it was crazy packed with people, there was really high energy. The weather was nice which is always cool whenever you do outdoor shows [laughs], so it was really good. Everyone is really nice there man, they just seem to be really laid back and cool so we're really excited to get back there and play. We're only there for about 10 days or so but we're going to make the most of our time there and can't wait to get going.

Andrew: You're also doing a couple of side shows off the tour as well with a band which, I'm not sure if you have heard of an Aussie band called King Parrot?

Jeremy: Yeah I'm not too familiar with them although I hear we're doing a few headlining shows that are separate from the Sabbath dates so obviously we get to play longer at those shows. I always like that, it's always cool to do the full set but yeah we're looking forward to that too. It'll be cool because it will be a change of pace, it won't be the same thing every night. We do the Sabbath shows and then we get one of our shows from there and then back to the Sabbath tour so it's kind of exciting.

Andrew: Are you playing much material from the new album?

Jeremy: Yeah we kind of balance it between records. We usually do between 3 or 4 songs per record to keep it balanced that way, that way everyone gets a taste of the record they like.

Andrew: How are the new songs playing out live? I would imagine they would have such a good energy to the crowd.

Jeremy: Well so far so good. We've been playing the singles and those are the ones people are most familiar with obviously off the new record, so they're going over really well. I'm not sure if we're adding stuff that's not a single...actually we do, we play the title track and that's not a single. So that's been going over good, high energy and actually, Chris Kael our bass player sings on that one which is cool. It kind of gives it a change of pace for the audience from having Ivan (Moody, vocalist) singing every song so it's kind of a surprise that we throw in there for them.

Andrew: Oh right, cool! Well when I listen to these songs, and you guys have a very lively sound anyway but it seems like these songs have a very live sound. Did you ever think when you were writing and recording these songs about how they would actually play out in a live situation?

Jeremy: Absolutely, we wanted it to be something that we could play live and have it be high energy and high tempo, straight to the point and we think we achieved it. It's just one of those things where they're short and sweet and to the point and so far they are translating great live so it's working, it's all we hope for.

Andrew: Well we are excited to see you come back to Australia and opening for the legendary Black Sabbath! It's gonna be an awesome tour, thanks so much for your time and we will see you next month.

Jeremy: Awesome, I appreciate it. Thanks Andrew!


Perth Arena - Friday April 15
Adelaide Entertainment Centre - Sunday, April 17
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne - Tuesday, April 19
HEADLINE SIDE SHOW, The Forum, Melbourne - Wednesday, April 20 - with King Parrot
HEADLINE SIDE SHOW, Big Top Sydney - Friday, April 22 - with King Parrot
Allphones Arena, Sydney - Saturday, April 23
Brisbane Entertainment Centre - Monday, April 25

Tickets and tour details can be found at Live Nation

Interview by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie on March 16th 2016