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KK Warslut Destroyer 666 - Interview
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Destroyer 666

Few bands channel the true spirit of Metal; Dangerous, Rebellious, Confronting, Unrelenting. Destroyer 666 not only embody this spirit, they live, breath and bleed it. This November will see them return home to their leaders birthplace to spread Wildfire and KK did a quick Q&A for us ahead of the Australian tour.



The Rockpit - Destroyer 666 returns to Australia! What can the fans expect?

KK - Wild, fast and with visceral passion. Proper metal played by proper metalheads.

The Rockpit - Wildfire is your newest album, how have the fans been responding to it so far?

KK - Very well indeed. The demand for live dates around the world would seem to bear this out.

The Rockpit - What were the main inspirations for the new songs?

KK - One part was a sense of honour to Shrapnel who left after 18 years of frontline service. the other was a sense of honour to myself to not let the circumstances of losing a whole band deter me from my path.

The Rockpit - Do you ever envision new songs in a live setting when writing and recording new music?

KK - This album I did yeah. Though not previously. I really needed to mix up the set, after 15 years of essentially playing the same set.

The Rockpit - With technological advances, is the process for the making of a Destroyer 666 album changed much over the years or do you keep to a traditional way of making records?

KK - If I only had the luxury of being able to jam every weekend like a regular band. Fact is after moving to Europe, the band has been constantly international. The irony is not lost on me either. But ya know, ya play the cards ya dealt. Wasted too many years whingeing about shit I couldn't change. Now I tend to accept things, put my head down and get on with it.

The Rockpit - What is your take on where metal is at today and where do you see it going as far as the extreme aspect of metal?

KK - As always, some good, lots bad. I like bands I like, I dont really follow the ups and downs so much anymore. It's mainly pretty cyclical and predictable at the end of the day. At least the power metal trends moved on for now. The faggy black metal trend seems to have dissipated too. So, set the controls for the heart of the sun I say.

The Rockpit - What keeps Destroyer 666 going?

KK - Pinch of talent and a pound of passion.

The Rockpit - What is the craziest thing you have ever seen at one of your own shows?

KK - A fool in Austria hasslin Shrapnel to the point Shrapnel booted him in the chest and and sent the silly cunt flying 2m through the air. Then 45 mins later ,Watain's on stage and he's back harrasing Pelle, also the biggest fella in the band, yelled abuse, up until the point Pelle steel capped him in the face. I almost kinda admired the fool for at least picking the two biggest fellas to pick on. Though in todays political climate its not correct to admire the 'mentally restricted'.

The Rockpit - If you could be a fly on the wall for the recording of any album in recorded history, what would it be?

KK - Fly on the wall of the toilet of a Lita Ford album maybe. Or Doro.

The Rockpit - What is the meaning of life?

KK - To give life meaning

The Rockpit - Final words for the Aussie fans before the tour starts?

KK - Been looking forward to this for many years. Hell awaits you cunts.


Friday, Nov 4: Brisbane - Crowbar
Saturday, Nov 5: Sydney - Manning Bar
Sunday, Nov 6: Canberra - The Basement
Friday, Nov 11: Melbourne: Max Watts
Saturday, Nov 12: Adelaide: Enigma
Sunday, Nov 13: Perth - The Rosemount Hotel

Tickets and tour details can be found at Direct Touring.

Interview by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie on October 2016