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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world
Brian Posehn - Live Review
Rosemount Hotel, Perth
April 12th 2016


Stand up comedy is a lot like music, comedians go on tour and record albums and put on a live show for their fans. What isn't as common though is the link between the live music itself and the comedy act on stage and actor/comedian Brian Posehn is one of the few that has bridged the two together. His first time in Australia was in Perth of all places, a rock n ' roll icon in Bon Scott is memorialised in Fremantle so it made sense that he started here.


As with any live gig, there were "support acts" if you will, or warm up acts as it's otherwise known and the job of any warm up act is to get the crowd - well, warmed up! Makes sense! Hayden Douglas kicked things off with a very laid back and somewhat edgy set that was sexual in theme and self deprecating in nature, something which would be a common thread found through out the evening. Jez Watts came out next in a more straight up slicker act which served as a great segway into Brian Posehn's appearance. Both comedians were great as a way to break the ice for the night.

There is no mistaking Brian Posehn when you see him. Whether you know his name or not, the minute you see his familiar face and whole physical stature up on stage, an imposing figure who comes across as a really down to earth kind of guy, the 'Oh yeah' moment just slips right in. Known for his many bit part roles in many TV shows and films, his comedy act is something else. There are talks of popular culture, films and TV. Star Wars is a big one and something many metalheads in attendance can either relate to or share in his enthusiasm for the franchise. Music is also a big theme and it comes up a lot here and there in bit parts and it's one of the main reasons so many music fans have come to see Brian in person. For all his TV roles and stand up specials that he has done over the years, fans have picked up on the fact that he's a genuine rock and metal fan. Name dropping well knowns like Sebastian Bach, Corey Taylor or Lita Ford, you can tell the guy is a fan but also has had many opportunities to not only rub shoulders with these people but to work with them as well which makes for interesting and also funny stories.

As mentioned before, self deprecating humor was a theme for the night and Brian Posehn is one of the best at it, it may sound mean on paper but hearing how he tells hilarious stories on his childhood, teenage years and just being an adult is intentionally funny even though we all know it's simply in good fun. The Aussie audiences latch onto this pretty quickly as it's in Australian culture to never take ourselves seriously so Brian was in his element here in the land of Oz. Whether you are a fan of his acting roles or are a nerd or just a plain old metalhead, there is something for everyone here that people can find either funny or simply relatable and that makes for a good show every time.


Tuesday 12 April | Rosemount Hotel, Perth
Thursday 14 April | The Gov, Adelaide
Friday 15 April | Corner Hotel, Melbourne (Part of Melbourne Comedy Festival)
Saturday 16 April | Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane
Tuesday 19 April | Factory Theatre, Sydney (Part of Sydney Comedy Festival)

Tickets and tour details can be found at Nice Events.

Review by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie
Photos by The Buffman