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Aske Kristiansen Helhorse - Interview
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Danish sludge/stoner rockers Helhorse have just released their latest album, a self titled record that captures some of the best aspects of what the band are about. Originally named Dodning, this 5 piece outfit are being considered one of the best live acts in Europe right now and their success comes down to hard work and some solid creativity in their music. We catch up with vocalist and Rhodes player Aske Kristiansen to get a quick insight into the band.



The Rockpit: Congratulations on the new album, our review was pretty positive on the whole thing. Give us a run through on some of things you wanted to achieve with this album when you first started putting the songs together.

Aske: Thank you! Our goal was to create songs build around strong melodies with a strong emotional core in them.

The Rockpit: We hear many references from critics and fans to bands such as Down, Crowbar, Orange Goblin and those kinds of bands. How does it feel to be compared to bands like that?

Aske: Well, it's because of bands like that we started playing, so it feels natural I guess. Over the years we started putting other influences in the mix though, but I think you'll always hear those bands in our sound.

The Rockpit: Putting those bands aside, there seems to be a range of different styles found in your music that is not just within the doom/sludge genres. Who do you consider to be some of your biggest influences on your music?

Aske: Aside from Down, Crowbar, EyeHateGod etc there's a wide range of influences. Bands like Thin Lizzy and Queen. Metallica. Bands that can write a catchy tune. So you can sing along while you're headbanging. Also some 90's stuff like Alice in chains and Soundgarden. And we looooove us some Raging Speedhorn!


The Rockpit: We don't hear about many bands from Denmark that do the whole sludge/stoner/doom kind of stuff. What is the heavy music scene like in Denmark right now?

Aske: It's very well actually. The best it's in years, very vibrant. There's a lot of different stuff going on. Hardcore, black metal, folk metal, you name it. But also a lot of stoner bands actually. A band like Bersærk is great. Also a sci fi doom core band called LLNN is something you should check out.

The Rockpit: We understand that Raise The Black Flag is a sort of reference to the punk rock band Black Flag. What inspired you to write this song with that in mind?

Aske: The song has fighting mentallity to it, a going-to-war vibe that that goes well with the black flag reference.

The Rockpit: Helhorse was originally named Dodning and changed to reflect the bands current image and expression. How difficult was that considering that you were a fairly established band at that point?

Aske: We did it before the release of our first album, so it went down quite smoothly I'd say. No problems there.

The Rockpit: What is the hardest thing about being in a band in today's musical climate?

Aske: Standing out I think. There are just so many many bands out there and information flows so rapidly. It's hard to get peoples attention, and to hold it.

The Rockpit: We can imagine that these new songs would be really great in a live setting. Do you think about how the songs will play out live when you write and record them in the studio?

Aske: Yes very much so. We write what we think would be fun to play live. Playing live is the main reason for us playing at all.

The Rockpit: What inspires the band lyrically and musically?

Aske: A love for all the chaos that is life. A feeling of throwing your self in the deep water even though you can't really swim.

The Rockpit: If you could be the witness to the recording of any classic album in history, what would it be?

Aske: The first Zeppelin album. To be there when those four people just found each other would be really something.

The Rockpit: What is the meaning of life?

Aske: To bear witness

Interview by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie on June 6th 2016