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Adam Murray Sydonia - Interview
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Hailing from Melbourne which seems like the metal capital of Australia right now, Sydonia are enjoying a lot of success with their explosive shows that have even caught the attention of some bands like Lamb Of God. Currently they have just released a new video for "Eyes Of Sand" and are heading on tour for an East Coast run, we had bass player Adam Murray answer a few questions for us before the tour which kicks off at the end of July.



The Rockpit: How has the new album been coming along so far?

Adam: Yes mate everything is coming along really well! We are super stoked at how well Eyes Of Sand has been received.

The Rockpit: You have been working with Shihad's Tom Larkin on the writing process. How did that collaboration happen and why?

Adam: Not with the writing, we have done some pre-production with Tom. To explain in a short sentence we basically play him our completed songs and then he would give his opinion in regards to arrangement and any other ideas he might get while hearing the song. Tom really helped shape some of the new songs, but they were all written prior to going into his studio.

The Rockpit: Ant Connelly joined the band last year, how has it been working with him so far?

Adam: Ant is an amazing guitarist, Sydonia is stronger musically than we have ever been. We are lucky to have nabbed him!

The Rockpit: How much of the sound has changed because of the addition of another guitar player?

Adam: Antman has brought a definite 'lead guitar' element to the band. Sam could play but not like Ant. So the actual 'sound' has not changed so much, the songs just have better lead now.

The Rockpit: It has been stated in a press release that you wanted to get back to your roots with these new songs. What inspired you to go in that direction?

Adam: We are utilizing what strengths the band has and are using them. With me backing Dana's vocals it is a lot heavier than it was with our old guitarist, think 'Incoming' as opposed to 'Life in a Cup'. He would have done a harmony where I will put a scream. It's something I have pushed for a while now. We are finally doing it!

The Rockpit: You have some tour dates coming up. What can fans expect and will there be any new songs being played?

Adam: There will be at least four new tracks in each set for this upcoming tour. Cannot wait to road-test these songs!!!

The Rockpit: Do you consider Sydonia to be more of a live band than a recording or creative band?

Adam: I have always considered Sydonia to be a creative band??! We have a reputation for a very tight, professional live show. Come to a gig, form own opinion.

The Rockpit: Reality Kicks was the last album in 2014 and it was a big success for the band. How do you feel about those songs now that its been a couple of years?

Adam: Reality Kicks was a great release for us. Still love the songs.

The Rockpit: How much of an impact does touring have on a song during that time? Does much change?

Adam: Sometimes a song will change once you have played a few times. I think the new ones are pretty solid and will not be changing much.

The Rockpit: Sydonia has toured with some great bands over the years, of particular note is Lamb Of God who has praised you as being a great band and have become fans themselves. How does it feel to have toured with such acts who have given you positive feedback like that?

Adam: For me it's a massive tick off my bucket list. I grew up listening too Slipknot, Soulfly and Korn. I got into Lamb later on when they released 'Sacrament'. I am very lucky to have played before my idols and i am very satisfied with my musical career so far. Be nice if we all didn't have to work day jobs but that's how it is in Australia. If you want to be in a band you need to work!

The Rockpit: Which tour has been the highlight so far?

Adam: Supporting Slipknot and Machine Head...Rod Laver Arena and Riverstage, all the shows were good but those two were special.

The Rockpit: If there was any band you would like to tour with, who would that be?

Adam: I would love to tour with a reformed Soulfly! Original lineup! Soooo good...

The Rockpit: Who are your biggest influences musically speaking?

Adam: My biggest influences are - Slipknot, Spiderbait, Helmet, The Mark of Cain, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Budd, Soulfly, Korn, Portishead, Metallica

The Rockpit: If you could be a fly on the wall for the recording of any classic album in history, what would it be?

Adam: That is a really good question. I reckon 'Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic' (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) or 'Master Of Puppets' (Metallica)

The Rockpit: What is the meaning of life?

Adam: The meaning of life from a bassist haha? We only have one life. This is not a rehearsal people! Get into it!!!


Friday, July 29 - JIVE - ADELAIDE
Saturday, July 30 - CORNER HOTEL - MELBOURNE
Thursday, August 4 - KAROVA LOUNGE - BALLARAT
Friday, August 5 - SOLBAR - MAROOCHYDORE
Saturday, August 6 - CROWBAR - BRISBANE
Friday, August 12 - THE BASEMENT - CANBERRA
Saturday, August 13 - VIC ON THE PARK - SYDNEY

Tickets and tour details can be found at Price War Music.

Interview by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie on July 11th 2016