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Frontiers Records | Release Date: October 16 2015


BOOKS & DVD'S 2009-2014 

‘All That Remains’ that kicks off ‘Waterfall’ by Voodoo Hill is all you need to hear to know that this is going to be a great Melodic Classic Hard Rock album. At over five minutes it’s also a sure-footed introduction to a band we expected big things of with Glann Hughes and guitarist Dario Mollo involved. It doesn’t disappoint …

If you love your classic rock with a cocky swagger and impeccable melodies then you’ll feel right at home with this album, add Hughes golden voice and Mollo's soulful guitar and it offers much, mush more.  ‘The Well’ continues that rich vibe and adds some grunt, but it’s the next track ‘Rattle Shake Bone’ that brings it all together with some rich guitar and a meaty solo to add to the groove. 

The rest of the album just keeps on giving with tracks like ‘Underneath and Down Blow’ delivering even more and clocking in at over six minutes – it’s another five minute plus outing that allows the band so much time to breathe when so many bands are clocking in at the three minute mark – it’s something that sets this release apart: Voodoo Hill is one of the few Classic Rock bands unafraid to get expansive whilst avoiding sounding boring. Every note here is essential!

Title track ‘Waterfall’ is yet another case in point – an epic just under seven minute outing that builds to a cascading climax and solo without ever overstaying its welcome.

The rest of the album is just as good as the opening foray with the laid back ‘Karma Go’ rolling nicely along with a great vocal; ‘Evil Thing’ is even better, from the nice and funky notes that open to the searing riff that follows  it’s a song heavy in soulful vocals and with a great sense of style.

It’s the last few tracks though that really seals the deal and shows that Voodoo Hill can produce a whole album of killer tracks without once slipping into ‘filler’ territory. ‘Eldorado’ rocks nicely before a great solo; whilst ‘White Feather’ lies back on the guitar and lowers the pace to a satisfying smolder.

‘Sunflower’ and ‘Last Door’ round out the album in fine style with the rocking ‘Sunflower’ full of white light and space and plenty of swagger proving that feel and subtlety as just as much a part of this package as bluster and searing guitars. Closer ‘Last Door’ has an ever lower key vibe, some bleeding soulful vocals and a real feel that Voodoo Hill understands what we’ve been missing for so long. This is a Classic Rock album that deserves fully the ‘Classic’ tag.

Whilst with some bands you see live you find yourself hanging around for those key moments I imagine on the strength of this that seeing these guys live you’d be hanging on for the ride from the first note to the last.


by Mark Rockpit




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