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Vincent Cavanagh Anathema - Interview
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Anathema having been pushing the boundaries of progressive rock for 25 years now ever since the doom days of their first album release "Serenades" all the way to their latest album "Distant Satellites" which was released in 2014. The band made their very first appearance in Australia that same year with an east coast run but this year they are coming back for a full national tour, only this time under an acoustic guitar setting. While acoustic guitars may scare those who want more of a louder and heavier show, we find out from vocalist/guitarist Vincent Cavanagh that this will not be the case and to expect a highly energetic show. Listen below to hear what the Aussie fans can expect on this tour.



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The songs have been re-interpreted so a lot of them sounds quite different than the original but this is not your average unplugged acoustic set. What happens is Danny (Cavanagh, lead guitar) uses his guitar as a drumkit, as a bass and as 3 extra guitars with a loop pedal. He's actually physically fitting the acoustic guitar to get these rhythms in, put the bass line in there, some guitar riffs, some arpeggio's, some melodic phrases over the top. I'm coming over the top of that with kind of a more of an ambient sound, my guitar sounds more like a keyboard, a synth, an organ and that kind of thing. And we add piano to that, we've got the 3 voices so it sounds pretty full, it sounds pretty big. And there's a lot of energy in there as well, I think there's a lot of big rhythms in there. It's a totally different experience.

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New Zealand and Australian Tour Dates August 2015

Friday 23rd October - CHRISTCHURCH Dux Live
Saturday 24th October - AUCKLAND The Kings Arms
Tuesday 27th October - ADELAIDE The Gov
Thursday 29th October - BRISBANE The Triffid
Friday 30th October - SYDNEY Metro Theatre
Saturday 31st October - MELBOURNE Corner Hotel
Sunday 1st November - PERTH Rosemount Hotel

Tickets available at Metropolis Touring

Interview by Andrew "Schizodeluxe" Massie on August 12th 2015