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ROADRUNNER RECORDS | Release Date: October 2 2015


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Aside from the opening interlude ‘Snofall’ Trivium’s new album takes no time at all getting down to business leading as it does with both feet and a blistering ‘Silence in the Snow’, the just released title track and third single.

What immediately hits you about the album is the sheer power of the arrangements, together with Matt’s voice which seems to have palpably grown in range and power even since the band’s last outing. There is also a noticeable absence of growls or ‘dirty’ vocals that carries through the entire album, echoing at least in part ‘The Crusade’, though in truth musically we are very much in keeping with Trivium’s last two outings: ‘In Waves’ and ‘Vengeance Falls’.

Second single ‘Blind leading the Blind’ follows – and it’s just as good and even dare we say it more old school Hard Rock than Metal, kind of  in the vein of Dio but with a Metal edge, there’s definitely that sense of the ‘Classic’ creeping in here.

Of course many fans will already have heard those openers so the real test comes with the unheard material, and to be honest both ‘Dead and Gone’ and the melodic ‘The Ghost That’s Haunting You’ are two of my favourite cuts here. You can tell already by the quality of the arrangements here that the band got some real time to spend on this album, and man has it paid off.

With production this time round from ‘Elvis’ Baskette perhaps best known for his work for Alter Bridge, there’s also a new crispness to the sound that last time out was a little too much at times like producer David Draiman’s own band Disturbed. Nothing could be further from your mind this time as Trivium put on a masterclass in Metal-edged old school heavy metal/hard rock with a fresh cutting edge that brings things right up to date.  

‘Pull Me From the Void’ is another standout, rather pacey and almost like old school Maiden with a melodic chorus that drops the pace making it a little jarring at first but completely compelling. ‘Until the World Goes Cold’ that follows is more essential Trivium - a huge song, epic and perfectly crafted – the song of a band that has really come into its own.  

The run out songs are similarly well crafted, starting with the deeply brooding ‘Rise Above the Tides’ and the glorious Metal rampage of ‘The Things that’s Killing Me’ though there’s so much power, space and thought behind the songs you’ll find yourself lost in the arrangements. If t hasn’t already been enough the album closes with two of the best here ‘Beneath The Sun (Don’t Fade Away)’ again has that old school feel and starts off sounding rather like vintage Soundgarden, which is never a bad thing. It’s a song carried by the incessant drums that give it an imposing, foreboding feel. The icing on the cake is provided by the mellower ‘Breathe in the Flames’ which for me steals the album – it’s a song that explains why Metal is still such a compelling force after all these years – power, passion, musicianship set against banging heads and pumping fists…     

For me Trivium has always been the band that stuck out from the pack of Thrash-influenced New American Metal, and though that genre was never really my cup of tea there was always something that drew me back to the band. I must admit that up until now ‘The Crusade’ was my favourite album by the band though I’ve never really disliked anything the band has done and loved the last outing ‘Vengeance Falls’.

This though is the album the band needed to make: ‘Silence in the Snow’ could just well be the best Metal album you’ll hear all year, in what has already been a particularly good year for Metal. It could just be Trivium’s ‘Black album’…


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by Mark Rockpit



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