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UNIVERSAL | Release Date: August 26 2015


BOOKS & DVD'S 2009-2014 

Way back in the day The Mission was that band amongst a few choice others that helped shaped my musical tastes. A kid from the country at Art College found their blend of Rock and Goth absolutely essential. I collected their 12” vinyl with every release and as fate would have it just completed my collection at a record fare a few months ago. Ahh to smell of vinyl! Those large covers! Those exclusive B-Sides! Well here it all is again, collected for your aural entertainment…

 Listening to The Mission in 2015, unlike many bands of their ilk, they still stand tall. Perhaps now that we are so many years removed from that first wave of Goth they seem a little more like a real rock band with only Hussey’s distinctive voice echoing Goth’s dark clothes and darker glasses.

In truth The Mission couldn’t have arrived at a better time with the other big name in the genre Sisters of Mercy in turmoil it was Hussey who steered the ship of excess through the night.

Listeing to tracks like the first single ‘Serpent’s Kiss’ there is a real Sisters feel, but that evolves quickly into a more mainstream rock sound, and in the day of course it was a sound that even bothered the charts at a time when it wasn’t such an easy task.

If you are unfamiliar with the band then there are a number of angles to ease you in. If you like it dark and brooding then yes start at the beginning with ‘Serpent’s Kiss’ or ‘Wasteland’. If you want to see where their roots came from look to the excellent covers of Neil Young’s ‘Like a Hurricane’ (still one of my all-time Neil Young covers), The Beatles ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ or Patty Smith’s ‘Dancing Barefoot’ – each is well worth the effort (sadly their other great covers of Free’s ‘Wishing Well’ and Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ you’ll have to check out elsewhere).

In a collection like this it’s great to chart a band’s progression, and The Mission never stood still for long progressing to more searching straight ahead rock as the years rolled on. Impossible as it is to pick favourites here especially from the early years give the powerful and very Gothic ‘Wasteland’ a go and follow up with the sweeping ‘Beyond the Pale’ before the mellower ‘Butterfly on A Wheel’ and the upbeat ‘Hands Across the Ocean’ which is almost Cure-like in composition.

Of course for the completists there is plenty on here either only ever available on vinyl or never released, so even if like me you still have those dusty 12” records this is still an invaluable acquisition.

Of the unreleased material try the ‘Tower of Strength’ radio edit; the unreleased single ‘Kingdom Come’: It’s all good.

It seems like such a long time since I got caught in the pit with the famous ‘Eskimos’ at Leeds Uni – bruises that lasted a few weeks. And over the years they never failed to deliver live. This compilation proves what a great band they were and still are.


Absolutely essential.




by Mark Rockpit




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